8th Jul 2006, 16:53


Just bought second hand Cruise 2002 with less than 1000KMS, and it also started cutting out on tick over. Cleaned carb, spark seems good, will investigate further and keep you informed.

Looks like we are not alone on this problem.

31st Oct 2006, 03:29

Hi, Dave from Leland, I have a Hyosung Cruise 11 and to be honest with you I have never had any problems at all. It starts first time every time,

it's fully kitted out with panniers and tassles, and all the bags you can think of, including TomTom rider sat/nav. It always gets looked at.

If anyone has probems starting the bike, try changing the spark plug to a good make, and not NGK.

9th Nov 2006, 07:42

Thanks for the comments guys; I'm considering getting this bike myself.

Suggestion for people with the engine cutting out:

Buy good oil. Sounds so simple, but quality oil can make a huge difference. Also try fuel additives and/or petrol with a higher octane level, they can be good too.

Last, but not least, check the air filter and give it a good clean.

22nd Jul 2007, 14:30

I have a Hyosung Cruise 2, and was wondering if there is anyway to tune or alter the engine to make it go faster? If someone could help me with this, I would be very grateful.

27th Aug 2007, 04:59

Have a Cruise II, but the kick start has fallen off and been lost. Could I get any type to fit it, or have I got to get their make?

24th Sep 2007, 16:41

I bought a Hyosung Cruise and I noticed on the way home the choke was completely on. He told me he drove with it off the idiot. I can't figure out how to make the tickover higher; my old bike it was just the matter of tightening a screw. Even turning the choke slightly lower it cuts out. GRR it's sitting around the 1 mark, which I think is far too low. Any advice - sorry for confusing anyone lol Miki.

19th Oct 2007, 15:40

Does anyone of where I can get a handbook or manual for the Cruise II please? It's making a grinding noise above 30mph. Thanks.

6th Sep 2008, 07:30

Hiya folks!! Just got me a Cruise 11!! Quite impressed so far, taken note of previous mentions, likewise anyone know of whereabouts I can appropriate manual/s for the Cruise 11?

23rd Jan 2009, 08:58

Hi all, I was lucky enough to get a small handbook with my Cruiser2 that gives the basics including things like tickover adjustments! Please feel free to contact me; I will answer any questions that I can.

13th May 2009, 13:17

Hello, I'm writing from Chile.

I need the manual of Hyosung Cruise 125, please send me the manual to mail, danicar_fox@hotmail.com.

Thank you in advance.

15th May 2009, 10:18

I have Hyosung Cruiser 2 reg 02 plate. My bike is good at cornering and I have no problems with it.

22nd Jun 2009, 15:22

Hi, I have a Hyosong Cruise 2 and am having problems with the front light. I can't get the hi and low beam working. Does anyone know why it's not the switch?

26th Jul 2009, 01:01

Hi, I've got a cruiser, but when accelerating fast it just revs like hell as if I've dipped clutch. If I accelerate gently no problems. Any ideas? Cheers.

9th Aug 2009, 16:16

Hi I have a Cruise 2 2001, didn't get a manual with it. It needs an oil change, anyone know what oil I need to use? Mail me asap ashtomo88@hotmail.co.uk Thanks a lot.

13th Jul 2011, 07:15

Hi, I am really in need of knowing the amount of ml's to put in my stanchions. If you can help me, I would be ever so grateful.

Many thanks, Matt.

24th Apr 2012, 09:05

Hi there, I also bought a 2002 Hyosung Cruise 2, and I was having trouble as well. When it was ticking over, it would cut out every 15-20 minutes, and when I drove it, I would get around one and a half miles or so...

I tried a few things to solve it; I changed the CDI unit, had the alternator re-wound, new rectifier/regulator, and it was still doing it. The final thing I changed was the pick up coil; now my bike is running better than ever.

Hope you all get your bikes sorted, they are such great bikes :)

29th May 2012, 05:37

Hello all.

I also have a Hyosung Cruise 2. Sadly mine is not working. I'm in need of a cylinder head. Does anyone know where I can get one without spending loads?

Great bike, fun first bike till it broke.

If anyone knows if any other manufacturer's parts fit the bike, that would great too.


30th May 2012, 21:07

I need to know too.

11th Oct 2012, 05:41

Hi guys. I brought a Hyosung Cruiser 2 02 plate, but need oil for it. Apart from that, the bike is great. Could anyone tell me what oil I need to get?

My email is bcfcandperry@hotmail.co.uk.

26th Nov 2016, 05:11

Hello, I'm writing from Bangladesh.

I need the manual of Hyosung Cruise 125, please send me the manual to mail, alomgir.mojumder@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance.

12th Dec 2020, 20:16

Hi, please if you are still on here, can you send me the manual. charliexrose7@gmail.com

Thanks so much!

Charlie from London.