2005 Hyosung GT650 from Australia


Never buy one out of warranty


In the 4 years I owned this motorcycle, I changed the speedometer 3 times, the rectifier 4 times, all the disks, the engine, the clutch, the headlight twice, the gear linkage, and all the indicators.

General Comments:

I loved this motorcycle when I got it, as it looked good and was mistaken for a Ducati many times.

Sadly it was very badly built, and components broke again and again.

I finally sold it after four years, in which time I could have bought 2 bikes for the price of all the parts.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2012

2010 Hyosung GT650 from Australia




Brand new Hyosung GT650 S (2010 model). Complete power failure:

I recently bought the Hyosung GT650 S (2010 model) two days ago, brand new from a dealership. Yesterday after riding around for 10 minutes, I entered onto a freeway exiting the city, where all power just completely cut off (No longer working at all), without any warning. Battery was connected properly, and all fuse connectors looked fine, with no visible problem.

This left the bike with no lights, or visible power current at all. (Huge problem that the hazard lights do not work either when there is a problem with the bike, in dangerous situations).

I understand that this may not be a common problem, I just want others to be aware that there has been one incident already listed, in case this starts to occur a lot, and so you are wary when purchasing a GT650 S (2010 model).

General Comments:

Personally I think that Hyosung bikes are well presented, and I haven't ridden a more comfortable bike within the same sort of range, yet.

But I will not buy another bike from the manufacturer (Hyosung), as their wiring and connections will be forever questioned.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2010

15th Aug 2010, 09:07

Same thing happened to my 2007 650. All of a sudden, the bike gets no power at all. Bought a new battery and checked everything. No visible reason why this happened. I wonder, is this is widespread? I know Hyosung has had recalls before.

26th Oct 2010, 22:26

Check your sidestand switch. INCREDIBLY common issue with the Hyos. My 09 GT650 did the same thing, disconnected the sidestand switch and no more problem. Hasn't missed a beat since.

2009 Hyosung GT650 from United States of America


Unsure if I made the right purchase


Engine cutting out while slowing down, braking.

General Comments:

I bought the 2009 Hyosung GT650 (naked bike) a few weeks ago, rode it about 75 miles or so and within those 70'ish miles the bike stalled on me, literally, about 15 times. When I initially test rode the bike, it happened to me then, but I thought it was because it was a brand new bike and it just needed to get ridden. Anyhow, when riding it was fine actually.

The bike rides very nicely, nice sounds, good acceleration. When slowing down I hold in the clutch and start pumping the front and rear brake, and while doing so the bike would just shut off as if I killed the engine switch. I would have to pull over and restart the bike.

I'd had about enough when I was going to make a left turn and the bike stalled, and there was an ambulance coming behind me. I couldn't immediately start the bike because I was still doing 30 miles per hour (and if it can restart while running I didn't know). So because I was still rolling and the bike had shut completely off, the ambulance came within feet of hitting me because I was at a complete stop in the left lane in the middle of the busy street. Thank goodness I made it home.

The shop where I bought the bike picked it up that following Tuesday (last Tuesday) to check it out. They called me up 4 days later, letting me know the bike was fine and they that they had ridden it and it never stalled. I went over with my boyfriend to test ride it before taking it home, and sure enough, it stalled on him within a mile of riding it. The manager then went to ride it and the bike wouldn't even start. The electric on the bike was completely dead. They thought it was the battery and when they checked it, it was fine. Now it looks like a battery or an electrical problem.

Now I'm leary of even riding the motorcycle because what if I get on that thing and it dies on the highway on an emergency brake and I get rear ended? That almost happened to my boyfriend when he took it out on a 7-10 mile test ride. Someone in front of him slammed on his brakes and he automatically clutched in and braked and it stalled. The woman behind came within inches of hitting him. He was able to coast off and restart so he's OK. This is a very dangerous thing that's happening to my bike. I previously owned a Honda CBR 600 and that never happened in the 1k miles I put on it.

I hope it's an easy fix, but no one should take something like this so lightly. This is my life we're dealing with...

I would appreciate some feedback as to what it could be besides what I already mentioned.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2009

12th May 2009, 00:14

Hi from New Zealand.

I'm so glad to see your review on this forum. I too have a bike like yours and have had similar problems, except my bike would cut out under acceleration over 80km per hour. Which it happened to do on the motorway, traffic wouldn't give me an escape route and I had no choice but to sit on the lane markers and try and start her back up. Unfortunately I was hit by a car in a 100k zone whilst I was static, fortunately I didn't break any bones and was off work for a week recovering.

Previous to this the bike had a wiring issue, which was apparently fixed and 10 hours later, my bike is a write off. Go figure... Both the motorcycle shop and Hyosung NZ were informed and haven't come to the party. If your bike is still under warranty, which I'm guessing it is, I'd get the motorcycle shop you purchased your bike from to fix your bike so it runs like it should for a new bike... perfectly.

It's just a matter of luck you or I weren't killed by this rubbish product.

Take care out there.