7th May 2009, 20:11

I am seriously thinking about getting a GT650R and the reviews have been great, but I don't hear a lot of good things about this bike, is it just bias? Like most people have against Hyundai? Or are there actually a lot of mechanical problems as most forums have stated? I would appreciate any opinions. You can email me @ lionsblood666@yahoo.com

6th Jun 2012, 10:37

I bought a brand new 2012 Hyosung GT650 N.

Death trap is the best way to describe this machine.

When I bought the bike, it had 400+ miles on the clock, and I was told that these were 'trade miles'. I ran it in to the manufacturers specification and then pushed it in for a service. I encountered the stalling problem before its first service several times. This included stalling on bends.

I was assured that after the service that the dealer had found and fixed the problem. What lies, I got the bike back and it ran OK for 800 miles, and then I was traveling in the fast lane of the motorway when it stalled at speed. Was just so lucky that there was nothing behind, and the motorway was quiet and I could get back to the hard shoulder.

I then tried to get it back to the house, and I was turning left at a junction. It stalled mid junction; my natural reaction was to give it a bit of throttle, and the thing fired up and high sided me into on coming traffic. How I got away with this I still do not know.


You will see loads of forums that report this issue, and they all come down to the kick stand. It's a load of bollocks. The problem on each bike is different. It could be the wiring loom, ECU, any of the number of sensors. The truth is that Hyosung do not know what the problem is, and when questioned say that they have never encountered this problem before, and talk about their worldwide data base of faults.

They are cheap, unreliable and down right dangerous.

I was talking to a mechanic (on the second time it went in to be 'repaired'), and he was telling me of one bike he had to fix had caught fire due to a back fire in the air filter when idling at the lights.

Hyosung should be called to task on these machines before they kill someone, and I cannot believe that to date they have not.

30th Aug 2012, 04:05

My GT-650S, bought from new, was the biggest heap of rubbish ever to be placed on the market. I saw one guy on the net who was crossing the swollen river with his bike. He said that he put it through all kinds of trouble because it spent its life at the dealers under warranty for all manner of faults - so he might as well beat the cra2#$! out of it to get his monies worth. I wish I had done the same!