1st Aug 2009, 05:15

Bikes been in the shop for about 3 weeks. Company is apparently poorly prepared with replacement parts since they had to back order the rear master cylinder.. Unacceptable considering none of the other manufacturers would take this long to come up with parts. Bike will most likely go under the lemon law because it'll be in the shop 30+ days in one stretch.

Save yourself the trouble, go with an established brand.

3rd Sep 2009, 17:37

Just received my bike back after the rear brakes failed.. 2 months in the shop waiting on parts. Apparently the warehouse had no inventory after an associate quit and hung them out to dry.

That being said, the 2 months waiting for just a rear master cylinder is still unacceptable.

Too bad that marks against the bike like this hurt the brand's name on an otherwise very good bike.

After riding a CBR 600f4i vs this bike (bought the CBR because I had no vehicle since my Hyo was my only way of getting around), I can say that the Hyosung is much more track oriented than the Honda. The low handle bars, and long reach with a tightly packed reach to the foot controls with a narrow waist, tells me that the Hyo could definitely be considered as an alternative to the SV650's used for track days.

Also it's not as beginner friendly as you would think. The Honda's silky-smooth power band makes the bike seem more user-friendly than the Hyo, even if the Honda is sporting considerably more horsepower (Hyo's "claimed 79 bhp vs Honda's 93 hp for the f4i).

But on the street the torquey vtwin puts the smooth inline four to shame until you get on a interstate and let the Honda stretch its legs out. Though the Hyo will still hit incredible speeds for its lower hp (130mph vs Honda's 150mph). Thanks to the hyos taller gearing using up every ounce of the vtwins powerband.

The Honda is also what I call deceivingly fast.. it doesn't feel like it's going fast; you won't know exactly how fast till you glance at your speedometer and realize you're nearing triple digits. The more raw Hyosung makes its attempts at high speed very pronounced, sometimes sliding the rider to the rear seat (I usually sit close to the tank because of my small size).

The Hyo's slimmer size makes using your body position in corners easier and more satisfying than the Honda with its seemingly much softer suspension.

But for the Honda, the softer suspension allows for easier maneuvering at slower speeds.

Had a lot of difficulty passing the MSF sport bike course on the Hyosung, and the Honda made the course a breeze with its higher handle bars and more compliant suspension.

But for high speed track days, I'd opt for the Hyosung with its apparently stout suspension and ease of body positioning (a necessity on any track day), which makes this bike seem more like the track day weapon between the two.

It enters high speed corners sharper then the Honda, but it also seems more nervous; a little weight on the footpegs makes the bike dive farther towards the pavement.

But the Honda stays locked at the same lean level. So keeping your body postion is key with this bike; any sudden movements could end in a get off with the Hyo, but other than that you'd have a blast.

5th Oct 2009, 08:24

I have a GT650 2006 model, and it needed a new tank, and a friend dropped it; it is silly how he did it, but anyway. I wanted get a new tank and side fairings. I also wanted to change the windshield.

After waiting 3 weeks, hearing everything was on back order (and I am in South Korea as well I might add), I finally took the trip to Seoul myself to the main parts place. Walked in and here was a warehouse full of parts, more than you could shake a stick at.

Told them what I wanted, told them what happened, waiting three weeks and such; they told me they were so sorry that they gave me the tank for free.

20 minutes later I was on my way home with everything I needed.

I hear of bad service in regards to the company. But just from my personal experience, they always seemed very honest in trying to make their customers happy.

I love the bike, had it for two years, never had a problem so far, other than normal wear and tear.

18th May 2010, 09:54

My ex girlfriend's new boyfriend has a GT650R 2009 model. Only had like 3k on the odo. I own a Zongshen ZS230GS; a Chinese gutless single cylinder, and I had almost no trouble keeping up with him around town, but on straights he pulled away as to be expected, but still could keep up with him.

Anyway, one day I was riding past his house, and I heard a sport v twin. Thinking it was a Ducati 998 (also a friend's bike), I slowed down, but it was my mate on the GT650R. He revved it, went past me at about 70kmph, and I watched as his bike started pouring white smoke from the engine, then the rear wheel locked up and threw him into a parked car. I found this quite funny, but it's sad that a new bike with only 3000 on it could fail.

We still don't know what happened, as the bike was very very much dead from hitting the car, but our mechanic thought it was either the piston seizing in the cylinder, or the transmission.

BTW, a 230 single being able to keep up with a 650 is either very impressive or very sad, considering I get owned by CBRs, ZX6Rs etc. On the other hand, I've yet to find a 250 around town that can beat me off the line.

4th Jul 2010, 00:46

My bike, sadly, spent it's first night outside, only to fall over... When I stood it up, I decided to let it sit for a day, and now when I start it, it pours white smoke into the air. Smells like a lawnmower :( It's only 6 months old?

19th Aug 2014, 01:09

Oil in your airbox. Mine did the same thing. Pull the tank off and remove the air filter. Clean the oil out good, replace the air filter, and it will be as good as new.