2002 Hyosung Hyper 125 from United Kingdom


Todays saving is tomorrows depreciation - buy Japanese or Italian


At 4000km, the exhaust split (replaced under warranty).

At 5000km, a bearing failed in the transmission.

At 5000km the transmission housing cracked and has been welded, but still leaks a bit of oil.

At 6500km the exhaust split again.

General Comments:

Bought the bike from J&S and received good service when the exhaust first split. - replaced FOC.

The bike was initially used for a 50 mile round trip on A roads and proved comfortable and economical. Giving 90-103 MPG cruising at 50-55mph.

Unfortunately a gearbox bearing failed, and the subsequent vibrations broke a small section of the housing. despite this, I rode it for 50 miles - very slowly of course!

Standing in my garage for 5 years, I repaired it, replaced the battery, and it started! It's now in use, but the exhaust has failed again through vibration. New Conti twists have been fitted in place of the 'Golden Boy' originals, that gave good grip, but wore out quickly.

I have mixed feelings about the bike. Cheap to run, but the quality of the ride, brakes and component reliability have not been good. Engine performance is not up to Japanese standards, and it's probably worth next to nothing. Parts availability has been OK for the minor bits I've needed, but I'm paying for the latest exhaust and its £110. So I need to cure the vibes, or budget for a new exhaust every 2000 miles. Not exactly cheap motoring on that basis.

I'll keep it of course if I can fix the vibes (may be wheel imbalance), or move it on with the new exhaust.

I've read a number of reviews criticising the back brake, and my belief is that the riders are novices who are using the back brake excessively and causing the shoes to wear out. The cam is then over-rotating and locking the brake assembly. Check the wear indicator regularly and you won't have a problem. Having said that, the front brake is not that brilliant. And being by Grimeca, I expected more.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2009

2002 Hyosung Hyper 125 from United Kingdom


Cheap to run


Main fuse keeps blowing.

Carburettor replaced recently.

And a new tyre.

General Comments:

When she's in a good mood she is very reliable and quite quick. If it's cold, she does not want to come out of the garage and be started.

The bike is really comfy and quite big. Nice to look at when she's clean!

Have not seen another one around though, what does this mean?

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Review Date: 19th February, 2009

2000 Hyosung Hyper 125 from United Kingdom


Not worth the hassle


The exhaust corroded from the heat at 15000 miles.

The transmission exploded whilst I was riding the bike on the road.

Very expensive spares.

General Comments:

The bike was quick and reliable when working, but when things went wrong with it, you knew it.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2005

20th Mar 2006, 05:28

I have a Hyosung Hyper and am finding it hard to find parts!

9th Aug 2017, 07:43

Hi, I'm wondered if anyone can help me? I have a Hyosung Hyper 2002. Is there any engine that is similar that would fit the bike? Any suggestions please?