10th Jun 2013, 23:02

If your 305 was slower than the average moped, I would bet something was wrong with it. While these bikes are no speed demons, they did about a 15 second quarter mile; still quicker acceleration than many new cars on the road today. It can certainly keep up with traffic and even cruise at highway speeds. How do I know? I bought one new, got it over 90 once or twice. Certainly not a cruiser, but a nice around town commuter. At the prices you can get them now, they're a nice alternative to a moped.

22nd Nov 2014, 22:11

I agree... I used an old one as a dirt bike. I even did some jumps with it. Had it over 80 on the highway. Got my MC license, and bought a different bike. My brother rode it for another several years. Good bike for beginners. Or a Shadow 250.

2nd Dec 2015, 16:48

Your KZ305 may have been running on one cylinder. A good one will go around 95mph top end and 15 seconds in the quarter mile.

They are a fun city and back road bike. It is way better than a moped. They also get 70+MPG, are easy to repair, and insurance is cheap. For its size, it is a lot of fun for the money.

28th Jul 2017, 20:40

I agree with this guy. I just bought one for $500 and I topped it out pretty quick. It's an excellent starter bike that can keep up on the highway. The guy before me a friend of mine did have to replace the spark plug cable, for it was running on one cylinder. I would try for that.

28th May 2020, 00:45

Used to have one, loved it. Rode it for thousands of miles, including over 2,000 miles on one highway trip. With windscreen & bags, top speed still over 95 mph, cruised all day at or above speed limit, including on the interstate. No problems, serviced & tuned at proper intervals. Have had many bikes, this was my favorite.

17th Jan 2021, 02:47

Being a multi cylinder bike, with multi carbs, it was probably only running on one cylinder... I had a Honda 175 and it would do 70. Of course I was a teenager and quite light then. I've been through the "running on one carb thing". I had one bike that the second carb would kick in about 30 mph, with a sudden burst of power. It was quite unnerving, and a little dangerous.