25th Jan 2005, 21:52

My 2004 is a performer, it let's me ride whatever style I choose. It's a cruiser, a commuter, a tourer or just a great curve hugging handler. It makes me feel what all riders want from their motorcycles, freedom of expression. This is my second Kawasaki street bike, my first was a Ninja!

6th May 2005, 18:07

I love my GTR1000. Only problem that I have had with any of my GTR's was pitting of the camshafts - fixed under warranty.

Currently have a "02" model GTR1000. Traded in the "91" model on this. Would have another, but alas, they are no longer making them. Don't know what I am going to do when it's time to upgrade to a new model.

14th May 2005, 21:32

I own a 03 Connie bought new in 03. It's a great bike! Only glitches have been:

(1). Sticky carberators due to suspected bad gas.

(2). A coolant leak & a defective fuse - both fixed under warranty.

Critique: She's top heavy & she'll buzz your arms out of joint due to angle and dynamics of her ride. Ya gotta get some Gen-Mar handlebar risers... cheap, necessary.

Last down side...she's loud after 20K miles.

Pro's: She's cheap, reliable, simple to work on, has power to spare at 100+ and will run triple digits like right now... and she'll keep it up. I do trips routinely... this bike eats miles like candy. Just keep a diet of tires and fuel handy...

8th Mar 2006, 15:04

I have to agree with previous comments regarding the Kawasaki Concours. I had a 1996 and it ran great.

It is very top heavy, and it will "buzz" your hands numb after a while, with the stock grips and handle bars.

The bike is a work horse and has plenty of power to spare.

19th Jan 2007, 03:28

I've owned a 1997 GTR1000 for nearly four years without any problem (inc no cam pitting) & would recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable touring bike.

At my first major service my mechanic tightened all the engine bolts & found two a little loose, which fixed the "buzz".

I find it a very honest, all round bike. Plenty of power, super reliable, comfortable for rider & pillion.

The huge fuel capacity, full fairing protection, shaft drive & rear vision provided by the mirrors are some of its best points.

Its weight would be a negative, but you get used to it, however as I'm now in my 50's, my next bike will be around 50kg lighter.

14th Feb 2016, 15:27

I have an 01 and love it. My only issues are the buzz and it has the cam pitting. As a rider and wrencher for over 40 years of biking, I have been looking for another mount to replace it after I discovered the pitting. Well the more I look for a well rounded bike to replace my Connie, the more I stare right back to it. I got lucky and bagged this 01 with 23k on it. It has a ton of proper upgrades that really do it up well. I have decided to open the tool box and invest in my Connie. Sure I could drop some serious cabbage on a sweet ride, but after you figure your dollar per grin and contentment, it's a no brainer.