2005 Kawasaki ER-5 from United Kingdom


Great commuting bike


Water pump new seals at 8000 miles.

Clutch thrust bearing at 8400 miles.

Regulator rectifier at 8999 miles.

Starter motor bush at 8999 miles.

General Comments:

Nice bike for commuting, handles fantastic.

The seat is terrible for long journeys.

Very expensive for spare parts.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2008

2004 Kawasaki ER-5 from United Kingdom


Great first bike after my test



General Comments:

My first bigger bike, and it's great. I tried about 4 or 5 different bikes of mid-sized engines from the dealer, and this one was the best. Single cylinder bikes tend to vibrate a lot, whereas this is very smooth.

It starts on the button every time, and the mpg is good. I get 55mpg in town, and 65+ mpg using faster roads (50mph+).

It's very stable and easily manoeuvred in town, and given I'm a new rider, it gave me confidence at speed. Not pushed it beyond 75mph, as it gets very windy, but it's great at that speed.

Only negatives, the seat gets a bit uncomfortable after an hour, and though I got a top box for it, there are very few pannier systems out there. Givi stopped selling their's, so I ended up having to fabricate brackets for an old Krauser one.

Its also OK for pillion, but again, not long distance. My wife says the seat is quite hard, and there is little room to move around.

Glad I got it!

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Review Date: 18th October, 2007

1999 Kawasaki ER-5 from United Kingdom


I really liked this bike and it was very reliable


Choke cable snapped after 4 years.

General Comments:

The weight of the ER5 seems to be quite low down, so it is very easy to manoeuvre, I am only 5ft 2" and had no problems moving it around.

It also has a low seat, making it easier for me to touch the ground!

I generally garaged the bike from November until March, unless I had problems with my car, but it would start every Spring without fail. Initially I used an fuel additive as unless you drain all the petrol before garaging it, the petrol becomes a bit lumpy.

I used a 'Scottoiler' to keep the chain lubricated and in good condition.

I also had a headlamp fairing fitted as this cut down the strain on my neck on the motorway!

The fastest I went on the bike was 110mph, though not with sportsbike acceleration, however it managed fairly easily. Legal speed limits are easy and the acceleration is very smooth.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2006

23rd May 2007, 06:12

I have this bike for one year now, bought it used, 1999 year model with ~10000 miles on odometer. All in all I like it: it has very low fuel consumption (~4L/100km if you ride not too fast, around 100km/h), quite comfortable riding position and nice handling. It actually goes ~190km/h (120mph), without any mods. I also like its acceleration, but high gear roll-on from low-rpm takes ages, you have to down-shift a gear or two.

What about reliability, I can't be fully objective because I bought it used, but most parts seem to be medium quality: I had to change one rear shock absorber, which leaked, clutch and speedometer cables. After 8 years there is some rust and oxidation on metal parts, but not much.

1998 Kawasaki ER-5 from United Kingdom


An excellent commuter bike


Voltage regulator gave up causing the battery to be overcharged, resulting in both the voltage regulator and the battery having to be changed.

Front headlight unit became loose.

General Comments:

I have had the bike exactly 12 months now. It has just had a M.O.T. (roadworthiness check required by law in the UK every 12 months for motor vehicles more than 3 years old), and all it needed was an adjustment on the headstock bearings.

I have covered 20,000 miles on this bike in one year without a major service, and apart from the faults with the voltage regulator, it has been totally reliable.

It had an oil change when I had done 10,000 miles, and I have had to replace the tyres twice, once after I had done 10,000 miles, and again when I had completed 20,000 miles.

I have had to change the front brake pads twice as well.

Apart from the fuel, this is the limit of my spending money on this bike.

When I bought this bike, I knew it was only a 500cc motorcycle and I did not expect it to be very fast.

I have been pleasantly surprised. On rideouts with other bikes, it will keep up with much faster machines. What it loses in straightline speed, it makes up for on the bends and under braking, which is really surprising as it only has a single disk in front and a drum at the back.

The riding position is very comfortable and roomy, and the seat is very good.

It has a fuel gauge so you never need to guess how much fuel you have, and it is very economical, 150 - 170 miles a tankful. And that is riding at full throttle.

As you can probably tell, I am very happy with this bike, but I do have a few words of warning.

I ride in all sorts of weather. Wind, rain, sleet, sun, cloud, cold or hot. The chain needs to be adjusted quite often, and you have to keep cleaning it constantly to keep the dust and salt off it, because it rusts quite easily.

In heavy rain, the compartment under the seat gets flooded, so if you have anything under there, it will get soaked.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2005

11th Mar 2010, 08:32

Having read the above comments about the chain problem, get a Scottoiler! (No, I don't work for them in case you were wondering)