1987 Kawasaki GPZ600R from United Kingdom


Great fun


New clutch and battery; other than that it's been fine.

General Comments:

Amazing bike and generally good fun. I've had mine for about 2 years and have recently got a Benelli Tornado 900, so it just sits there until once a month or so I take it for a good run. Love it, but surplus to requirement now.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2016

1987 Kawasaki GPZ600R from United Kingdom


For its age, it's the mutts nuts


Clutch failure.

Fork oil seals blowing / leaking regularly.

High carb maintenance.

Hates cold weather.

Gear selection when hot is hit and miss.

General Comments:

Keeps up with modern bikes.

16 inch wheels don't help cornering.

Rear wheel slide on braking is cool.

Rear suspension is no good for me when I have a pillion rider, but I weigh in at 17 stone, so I shouldn't really complain.

Good fun to ride though.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2010

1987 Kawasaki GPZ600R from Australia


A great little bike, well worth a look


Nothing has really gone wrong with the bike.

I bought and put in a new cam chain when I first purchased the bike, but I knew it needed it when I bought it.

I have had a puncture and needed to replace the rear brake pads, oh, and the speedo cable, but that's it.

The bike is in great condition. I have had two of these previously, but this one is far superior to the others in condition. I had a guy ask if it was new at the lights the other day in fact, "Not quite" I told him.

General Comments:

As I have said, this is my third GPZ600r and for the money I think you would be hard pressed to get a better bang for your buck.

Including the other two previous GPZ's, I would have clocked up over 50,000km's on this model bike and find it to be comfortable, economical, cheap to own and run, and a great little bike. It's not the fastest thing out there, not by a long shot, but plenty quick enough to have fun, and in the right hands will not get to left behind by newer stuff either. I am very happy with it overall.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2008

30th Nov 2008, 18:44

I had an 1985 one.

Bought used, frame was bent a bit, but it didn't bother me then :) Was a great step-up from a 350 guzzi.

I loved riding that bike. Probably one of the most underrated bikes around.

Engine is lovely, averaging about 50mpg. Seat was a bit on the restraining side, forcing the rider into one position that couldn't be changed.

Loved the handling, brakes (AVDS... stoppies anyone?).

After about 10,000 km (about 68kkm on the clock) the con rod bairing went. Took a while to get a new crank/conrods and bearings. But I never could completely remove all the metal shavings from that bearing from the engine. No matter how many times and what I cleaned the engine with.

Turns out the reason was a bad/weak oil pump. So my advice would be:

Get one, they're great, but PLEASE get a new oil pump installed. They can't be that expensive (got a used one from a gpz 550... it's the same one).

25th Apr 2009, 17:09

Much much underrated bike. Mine is 23 yrs old now 32,000 miles and goes great. Been out with a GSXR1000k2 6 times; I found it hard to understand but the gixer just cannot leave me. Maybe it's down to riders on the corners, but what about the straights, I DON'T KNOW? Or maybe bikes have not advanced as much as I thought.

Anyway, not had more than 50mpg out of it yet. I put a Nexus exhaust and 2 new Battalax tyres on it, this has improved it lots, next the brakes.

Sure to become a classic. Full of character and goes like stink when above 6,500 revs. It screams like something wild and I've seen 145 on speedo with more to go. Maybe it's just mine, it has been well looked after.

Oh by the way, the gixer rider drives mental fast in a car, so I can only say his riding is probably a lot better than average