1988 Kawasaki GPZ600R from United Kingdom


Fantastic first big bike for the shorter rider

General Comments:

This is my first real bike since passing my test.

I have been on quite a few bikes, but this one is amazing. It's perfect for shorter riders like myself. You get an aching back if you go on long journeys if you don't stop regularly.

The biggest downfall is the weight. You need to be able to manoeuver the bike without the engine on (e.g. reversing into or out of garage). Other than that, it's amazing, and great for commuting.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2006

15th Oct 2006, 14:32

I agreed with you, it's one of the best bikes I ever had.. but the fact of where I'm staying now, I seem to have problem maintaining it.. In terms of parts etc.. I wish to know more GPZ600r owners, at least to find out more about the bike's part etc.. Sadly now for a couple of months already, my bike is stranded because it overheated recently, and it's so terribly hard to find the gasket, starter, water pump etc..

Well for all the GPZ600r owner...I still proudly says that IT IS STILL ONE OF THE BEST BIKES EVER INVENTED >>>> Chao.

1985 Kawasaki GPZ600R from Australia


Tremendous commuter or for a weekend blast


Seat was badly worn, but cheap to repair.

Very rough when cold, but you learn to warm her up thoroughly, then she runs very smoothly.

Hard to start when COLD if battery is not in top condition.

Carby jets needed replacing at 83000Km.

General Comments:

A really nice bike to ride.

Handles well in all conditions including the world's roughest roads and ugliest corners.

Easy bike to work on.

A bike decades before its time.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2005

1985 Kawasaki GPZ600R from New Zealand


Lots of fun, but lethally quick


Hard starting when I bought it, replaced plugs and battery with no effect, turned out to be the tappets set too tight.

General Comments:

Awesome takeoff, excellent handling and braking.

Really uncomfortable for anyone over 180 cm tall.

Sounds great.

Not much good in town traffic except for overtaking. Fine on winding hill roads and motorways.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2004

7th Jan 2005, 06:32

Not only uncomfortable for tall riders, VERY uncomfortable for old riders! I used mine to commute to work for several years (only about twenty minutes) and would inevitably get cramp due to the riding position. I'd also get sore wrists because the anti dive system lets every bump go straight through as you brake for junctions, not very nice in potholed Liverpool. But then there's the weekends, Wahaay!