30th Aug 2006, 06:54

Simply brilliant!

I've had my 600r for 16 years and it's still going strong. The modern sports bikes can do everything better, of course, but the old 600r holds its own in the real world.

Mechanically it's strong. It's had minor problems such as a cracked head (didn't have enough antifreeze in the coolant during the winter and the frozen coolant caused the head to split), coils failed once and the speedometer cable (s) keep shearing (one after only 30 miles) so now I run it without one (a few marks on the rev dial does the trick).

I would buy one, but I've got one and it's not for sale.

15th Sep 2006, 09:33

I passed my test early this year. A 600R is my first bike. The 600R is only 5 years younger than me.

I love it - I have said to the wife it's not going anywhere. I do want new bike one day, but the 600R will always be there. I think the 600R is a good first bike.

18th Sep 2006, 15:19

Passed my test 3 weeks ago, and saw a GPZ600R for sale privately, and I had to have it. It was a 1985 C plate model with only 12000 miles on the clock.

I’ve done over 400 miles on it, and I think it’s a fantastic bike for the year. It handles well and has great speed (more than enough for a first bike). I think I pushed it too hard though, considering the age of it and the miles it's done, because whilst riding it the other day, it started making a loud knocking noise when accelerating, and I lost top end power! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


27th Nov 2006, 14:56

I hear ya, ga.home.

Mine did exactly the same, and about 20 miles later a piston decided to re-distribute itself all over the A1 near Newcastle. I'd get it checked out sharpish. I needed a new engine (not actually that expensive, but a pain in the rear end to fit).

Hope all is well.

27th May 2007, 05:28

Hi all, I just passed my test 3 weeks ago and I bought a 600r. My dad rode it first and could not believe how well it went for a 600 that is 20 years old. I love the thing; it's great. If I buy a newer bike some day, I will keep the 600r, as I can't fault it in any way.

18th Jun 2007, 07:13

Just looking at the comments here has put me off buying one; let me explain before you all visit me with chains in hand. I plan to pass this summer & my friends selling his sweet looking 1987 GPZ600R to me for an absolute steal, but the thing is, I'm 6ft4' tall & plan some decent trips with friends, so it looks like it's gonna be a no-go for this deal/sale :(

Any advice: gonthegers@hotmail.com



17th Jul 2007, 08:12

I am 6ft tall and have no problems with this bike. I also have a sv650k5. The GPZ 600R is a 1985 model; I've just spent the last 12 months stripping her down and giving her a makeover. It's got 75 thou k on her. Just need to get some disks/screen and exhausts.

31st Dec 2007, 19:10

Hi, I just bought a 600r. Got it for a steal at 100 quid. Any one know where to buy a screen for it?


11th Feb 2008, 17:59

£100 nice!!! Come the summer you can expect to see this bike for no less than £900. I got mine for £400, off the road at the moment, had no compression in 3 cylinders, also had wet cylinders, think it the valve stem seals as they had no rubber left on them (compared to some new ones). Hoping it will be back on the road in time for the summer; having to make do with my Bandit 600, but it's just not the same on a sunny day.

11th Jul 2008, 02:11

Talking to a guy right now about buying his 1985 600r. I'm super excited, been riding for 3 seasons, but never had my own bike. I've ridden endurals, Harley's, TL1000's, best bike I've ridden was the 08' Hayabusa (damn). But for my first bike, I've chosen the 600r. Picking it up next week!


7th Aug 2008, 08:39

Got a fantastic GPZ600R A1 1985. 54000 KM Grey import. Been riding it for 5 years + and it never lets me down. 130mph and good on fuel. A perfect quick commuter.

11th Sep 2008, 08:16

Just bought GPZ 600R 1986. It has a knock on tickover and goes when the revs are up to 2000 or when the clutch is operated; is this common and what fix is involved to cure it?

7th Nov 2008, 12:44

All GPZ 600Rs rattle on tick over. Balancing the carbs quietens things down for a little while.

29th Dec 2008, 13:29

Hey all GPZ 600r lovers!!! I just bought mine.

Can any one tell me, what's the most common problem? Mine is a little grumpy to start. It's got only 44000km.

PS..plz help.

7th Feb 2009, 11:35

Bought my GPZ as a general runabout when not riding my Brits! Owned one donkeys years ago and knew how good they are, they do everything well and are very cheap to run. Outclassed by modern standards, but still an enjoyable ride, not too many problems with them apart from the rattly tick over (they nearly all do it and stems from the primary chain) careful carb balancing helps! Any new riders out there looking for their 1st "Big" bike won't be disappointed. Happy Biking.

18th Mar 2009, 19:44

I've had mine nearly 6 years. I use it all summer in the UK. It goes like a rocket. Great bike, brilliant commuter.

24th Jul 2009, 17:32

I got a 1988 model, only had it 3 weeks, got it off ebay for £600.00, absolute stonking bike, fantastic MPG compared to my KH400 triple 28mpg. This is my general runaround and I have no problems with the riding position, and find it comfortable enough and I'm 5ft 11".

Starts on the button, clutch rattles slightly, but not very noticeable, classic cheap insurance, a good little runaround for a first bike, get it over 6500rpm and it will keep up with some of the more modern stuff.

If you have chance of getting one, get it. Get a nexus 4-1 as they sound the dogs banana's when on song.

9th Nov 2009, 11:19

Had one of these 20 years ago. One of the best bikes I ever had. Didn't really want to get rid of it, but needed the money for next one (CBR1000), but now been out and got another one. All the fun comes flooding back.

Now just about to buy a second one to play with. I can't get enough of them now. They are still as quick as ever, and handle very well for a old bike. If you want cheap thrills, a GPZ600R is still a great bike, and not too much on insurance; £94.00 full comp, and I had not had a bike for 11 years, so go on, buy one, you won't regret it.

12th Dec 2009, 03:45

Anyone any ideas of which is the best front tyre to use?

12th Nov 2010, 21:22

The options for tyres are limited, but the best tyre for this bike is the Bridgestone Battlax BT45F front at 120/80 size and the BT45R rear at 150/80. This is slightly wider than standard (110 front and 130 rear) and settles the bike more onto the road. Can't go wider than 150 on the rear as the swinger isn't wide enough, -- unless you pop a ZZR swinging arm in, then you can go to 170, but that's another story :)

Need any GPZ assistance or info, mail me jason.w@gmx.de

Greets and safe riding.

6th Mar 2012, 13:08

Hello. I have got a GPZ600R, and it won't start. I have had it running, and when I pull the throttle, the bike dies. So I took off the carbs and cleaned them, and put them back on, and then I took out the spark plugs and cleaned them, and put them back in. I then tried to start it, and it won't start. Can you help me please?

2nd Jul 2012, 17:15

Sounds like fuel starvation, or failed coils or coil. I am building a GPZ600R right now, and decided to clean out the fuel tank using vinegar to eat the rust away. After removing the tap, I couldn't believe the amount of crud blocking the filter. Also check the vacuum pipe for splits, and you can easily check for a spark with one of your plugs.

BTW, can't wait until I have finished painting my bodywork, and take to the roads.

25th Jul 2015, 15:44

I know this is many years later, but for anyone having this issue...

The rattling you hear is most certainly one or more cylinders not firing. Causing a knocking noise.

Check that your spark plugs are in good shape. Or replace them altogether.

I had this issue, and after new plugs and a carb clean, all power is back.

11th Sep 2016, 20:06

Hi GPZR 600 fans. I have had many bikes, big and small, all makes. Got my GPZR for four hundred pounds six months ago and am completely amazed by this all round twenty six year old machine. It beats all the other more expensive and powerful bikes I've rode previously. Would recommend a ride on one of these bikes to anybody who thinks they have ridden good handling bikes. They feel pinpoint for a twenty six year machine and a true 130 mph. Nuff said.