14th Jul 2006, 01:58

I have just bought a KH125 two stroke, which did work, but I was learning how to ride and forgot to let the kick-start back. Now the kick-start and piston seizes up, but if I take the right hand side case off, the piston and kick-start frees up. Any idea how to fix this?

29th Jul 2006, 16:06

With reference to your kick start problem. Try looking at the ratchet block and test if this is locking up when the right hand cover is screwed down.

3rd Oct 2006, 06:37

I have a Kawasaki KH125 1992 model, and for some reason it has next to no power unless I choke the engine. Any idea what it could be?

Thanks, Jonny.

4th Oct 2006, 09:55

I should simply remove cover and just bungee cord it back on. It will run sweet as a nut after this.

4th Oct 2006, 16:11

If you are experiencing very little power, unless you use the choke, then you have a carburettor problem, ie too lean a mixture. First check if sufficient petrol is getting to the carb - no obstructions in hose, fuel tap passing fuel etc.

Secondly, check the carb itself - dismantle it and clean all jets and passages. Only use carb cleaner in aerosol form. Word of warning, NEVER attempt to clean the jets with any type of wire, as this will enlarge the soft brass alloy, thus causing many further problems. Lastly, check for any air leaks, such as loose air intake duct, leaking RH engine cover gasket etc and also check the air filter.

5th Oct 2006, 13:17

I would remove the CARB and soak it overnight in a solution of brake fluid. A lot cheaper than gasoline and the acids will clean the jet superbly.

8th Feb 2007, 13:44

I have a Kawasaki kh125 and have a bit of a problem.

The indicators seem to stop blinking whenever the brake is pulled (front or back). I have checked the alternator and battery, and think it could be a wiring fault.

Does anybody what this could be?

Thanks, Jonny.

10th Feb 2007, 15:34

With regards to your problem with your turn signals, consider the following:

Check the alternator output voltage.

Check battery charge and electrolyte level.

Check all connections (battery, alternator, indicators etc), especially the earths for continuity and corrosion.

Check indicator relay.

Make sure nothing has been incorrectly connected.

Check the bulbs are correct wattage and comply with manufacturers recommendations.

10th Feb 2007, 19:16

It sounds to me that is an earthing problem, check all your wiring to body earth terminals, guarantee you will fix for free, or else you may have a corroded light bulb holder. I hope this helps.

4th Mar 2007, 06:38

I recently bought a 1991 KH125. It's a joy. Top tip so far, buy a new spark plug and watch it go...!

10th Mar 2007, 05:28

Got a KH125K 99 just recently, have had few little problems, but main one at the moment is power, ie what voltage is this bike supposed to be?

When I got it, the battery was dead and wouldn't take a charge, so the guy in the bike shop swapped it out, it was a 6 volt in it, but he said that was wrong?? So he stuck a 12v in, can any of you guys or girls confirm this?

Also the horn seems to be gone as well, all I get is a little beep, very little, any ideas?

80K broken speedo and still trucking


Dublin, Ireland.

12th Mar 2007, 12:58

My KH has a 6volt battery - It seemed dead when I bought the machine a few weeks ago... according to the Haynes manual I have though, the 6V should be fine. I have been taking the bike on a few runs lately and the battery now seems fully charged and fine.


12th Mar 2007, 14:11

OK figured out it was 6 Volt, Got A KH100 manual :)

This my first motorbike, any tips for taking care? And how high should you rev this sucka??

13th Mar 2007, 13:07

I've been enjoying running it at around 6000 revs - an earlier contributor to this survey mentioned the note changing at about 6000rpm - I would agree. Mine is running very sweetly between 6 and 7000rpm on a good road surface - are there any around fair Dublin city?

As for care, check the plug, oil levels and brake fluid. Its a 2-stroke - what else can go wrong...?


15th Mar 2007, 13:54

6000 RPM, em yeah, I get that note changing, but I'm bedding in a new piston at the moment, so I'm trying to take it easy. Mind you, going down a hill it seems to keep going 6, choo choo

5000 = about 45MPH or so.

Topend bearing was gone when I got it, and sure the rest is history.

First rebore after 80,000 miles :) What's your mileage?

I'm new to bikes, so 80K sounds crazy to me. I only got the bike for a 7 mile stretch of metal coffin ridden parking lot (also called the M50) and it does the job just fine.


25th Mar 2007, 09:06

KH125 kicked me in the nuts again. After forking out for bike lessons for the 3rd time, Madam KH decided to act up and wouldn't go.

Problem solved itself, not sure what it actually was...

But when you try and kickstart it just before the first pump it was locking, Nasty: (. Gave a nice metally clunk. Anyone come across this?? Seems to be running fine now, but watching & listening like a hawk, waiting for the next kick in the nads :)

23rd Apr 2007, 04:19

I recently bought a KH125 and it's a great little beast.

I have a couple of issues right now though.

It's a 1997 K9 model with 7k on the clock.

1) Whole left side indicators do not work (bulbs are fine)

2) The down-pipe doesn't seem to physically be secured to the exhaust, instead if just seems to rest securely there.

3) I can't get it over 60mph. Mine has 5 gears is that right? I've heard some have 6.

4) I can't find a screen to fit the square headlamp.

Still, despite these problems, I love the little beast.

24th Apr 2007, 13:38

Great learner :)

"It's a 1997 K9 model with 7k on the clock." - If only, mine's a "K" as well, final year I believe, pretty sure it's not 1997 though, more like 87, I think they stopped making them in 89 or so, correct me if I'm wrong, mine has a Reg for '99, but that just means it was registered for the road then.

"1) Whole left side indicators do not work (bulbs are fine)" - Hard luck there. I've got the manual if you want diagrams.

"2) The down-pipe doesn't seem to physically be secured to the exhaust, instead if just seems to rest securely there." - That's the one thing that's not hanging off mine :)

"3) I can't get it over 60mph. Mine has 5 gears is that right? I've heard some have 6." - Yeah, I've got 5 gears as well, there's a little diagram on the case beside the shifter to be sure.

"4) I can't find a screen to fit the square headlamp.:(

Still, despite these problems, I love the little beast." - Too right, but I need a bigger bike now, just need another 20 mph to feel safe on the motorway,

How high you revving this suka? I'm thinking I'll be needing a new piston again if I keep touching the 7K RPM's