1987 Kawasaki KLR650 from Canada


Fun, fun, fun, and did I mention fun


I bought this bike when it was 22 years old, but in great condition. Nothing has gone wrong with the bike, the only expenses being maintenance. A set of tires and tubes, a clutch, and chain and sprockets. I also did the doohickey and upgraded the front fork springs and replaced the fork seals.

The parts are very cheap for this bike and maintenance is easy, and after freshening up the bike, it runs like it is brand new.

After a few longer rides, I realized the seat needed some attention as the foam was collapsing, so I went to the foam store and rebuilt the seat. No complaints now.

General Comments:

This bike is definitely a Swiss Army knife bike. It is fun and easy to ride, although it is a little top heavy with a full tank of fuel.

The braking and suspension is much improved with the upgraded Progressive springs, which removed the mushy brake dive that was present with the original springs. For the $90 Canadian it costs for the springs and the two hours to do the job, the improvement is well worth it.

As for riding, I would say the bike is fantastic at any posted speed limit, it will commute or travel the highway with ease. I have had it on some abandoned use at own risk roads and the bike is quite at home on them, but you know you are not riding a dirt bike.

This is not my only motorcycle, but it is the most fun bike I own. It is easy to see why people love the KLR650.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 3rd April, 2010