2004 Kawasaki KLR650 from Australia


Best all-rounder on the market!


The balance shaft chain tensioner spring broke. I realised from the noise that this was the issue, so I purchased an Eagle "Doohickey" kit, and had that installed. The kit includes a better quality spring, and billet tensioner.

General Comments:

The bike is a great all-rounder. I use it mainly for freeway and city commuting, and get great fuel mileage out of it.

Once I had replaced the factory Bridgestone tyres with Michelins, the handling was great. In many situations it will out corner my ZRX1200.

I have fitted a number of accessories to the bike, including a radiator and water pump guard, which should be mandatory. These parts are dangerously exposed, and even dropping the bike in the driveway may prove costly.

I have fitted an Australian built "Staintune" exhaust, and removed the rubber snout inside the airbox. This made the bike much more responsive, and did not require a re-jet.

Overall, the bike has a great riding position, though it is more suited to the taller rider. People under 5'10" may find the seat height too high, however, there are a number of lowering kits on the market.

The large fuel tank (19 litres) makes for excellent touring range.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2008