12th Jul 2018, 01:02

I agree, I had a Vulcan 800 that gave me great satisfaction and years of good pleasant driving in every weather condition (hard rain, ultra hot days, etc..). It was a very good bike.

Now I have a very puzzling problem with my 2013 Kawa Nomad 1700 cc bike. Only 16 000 km, bought new, always state of the art tuned and maintained. I drive it with care and never push it to its limits. I'm the only driver and nobody else has access to that bike. That bike always gave me a great service and satisfaction until 2 weeks ago, as I noticed that the engine oil was low. I always used Motul 4w40 Synthetic oil. So I filled it back up until the oil level was full and went back on the road. After only 65 km, I checked the engine oil level and the oil level had dropped to half. Thinking the oil filter could be in trouble, making the engine oil pressure open the oil pressure relief valve, causing oil to be burned, I changed the oil and the oil filter. I filled the engine with the requested 4.6L of Motul 4w40 Synthetic. One hour later in the garage, while the engine didn't run, to my surprise, the oil level was less than the middle of the oil stick. I filled it back up, adding 1 more liter of oil. I ran the engine for a couple of minutes to be sure that the new OEM oil filter would be full. Then I went home to sleep. The next morning, I went to the garage and once again the engine oil level was a bit over the minimum. I added oil again. Now I filled up my bike with a total of 6 liters of engine oil; even the user manual and the service manual say that it takes not more than 5.1 liters when the engine is completely dry. That bike doesn't leak, never leaked and didn't smoke when I drove it for testing in order to discover why that engine oil is disappearing. Where can that oil go into the engine, if it is not burned; it doesn't go on the ground. Does somebody have a clue to help me? Thank you very much. It's a 2013 Nomad 1700 cc. I would appreciate any idea that could help solve this puzzling mechanical situation.

21st Sep 2019, 15:29

Hi, check your expansion tank for oil. Sounds like a head gasket going. Hope this helps...