1980 Kawasaki Z1000-A1 from United Kingdom


I'd have another if I could find one


Engine to frame bolt sheared at 80mph when cornering.

Back tyre blow at 80mph (flint stuck in tread). (Not a mechanical fault, just very exciting).

Main fuse blew (lights went out) at high speed on winding country road (heart stopping).

Wheel rims were chromed steel. Chrome flakes punctured inner tubes until I epoxyed the inside of the rims.

General Comments:

An easy machine to ride at any speed either in town or on the open road.

Quick (in its day) and very reliable.

Indestructible engine, although the frame snaked a bit at very high speeds when cornering.

60 in first, 90 in second and 110 in third, but I bottled out at 124, London to Portsmouth in 50 minutes.

Tyres, chains and sprockets lasted up to 8000 miles if you didn't wind the throttle open too hard.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2007

1st Mar 2007, 06:45

My friend has one of these, he's not used it for around 4 years now though, he just uses his Yammy Diversion.

We had a problem with heat as I remember, and it's been sat around now so a lot of the chrome has looked better, but still a sweet and nice sounding bike, just don't know why he doesn't get rid if he's not gonna use it.