29th May 2013, 20:00

I would ABSOLUTELY buy one if they came out with a new one. Maybe a de-tuned version of the ZX-14 motor?? Would definitely be an awesome bike with fuel injection, and today's suspension at both ends. Maybe add a steering damper for safety's sake. But definitely something Kawasaki should think about, instead of imitating Harleys...

30th Jan 2014, 14:15

I have a red one and a black one. They are super fast, even by 2014 standards. I love them. Getting rare because they are worth more if you sell in parts than the whole bike. I am keeping both of mine.

27th Dec 2015, 04:15

I hear you, and second the motion. Bring back the Eliminator! Keep the styling clean, not future maxed out like the new V-Max. With a 1500 supercharged engine, and the factory extended swing arm, it would take the V-Max and dust it in the weeds.

Even with a normal 1500 without the blower, it'd still be incredible. There were reasons that it didn't sell that were just outside what Kawasaki could've predicted. Being put on a national blacklist the first year it came out was one reason. How many sales did that stop? Enough to change the name and soften the look, completely ruining the drag bike look. That was the ZL1000.

The ZL1000 was the better bike to live with (bigger gas tank, and softer ride), but I'd take the 900 Eliminator any day over the ZL1000. If the Eliminator wasn't put on the blacklist by the insurance companies, the Kawasaki's sales would've keep it alive in its pure form.

Bikes are about individual looks. Nothing looked as extreme from the factory as the 900 Eliminator. If they keep the drag look, put in the 1500 engine, and in general, just didn't F it up, Kawasaki would have a winner on their hands and I'd have a brand new 1500 Eliminator in my garage.

If wishes were fishes we'd walk across the seas... so instead I'm on the hunt for a salvage 1500 ZXR, to take the engine from and (somehow) fit it where my 900 engine is in my Eliminator. Extend the swing arm a few more inches, and my motorcycle life will be perfect...

Until then, it's still fun surprising Cafe youngsters on my old man's bike ;)

14th Apr 2016, 06:03

A 1500 cc Eliminator!!! It would be a screamer, Kawasaki need to hear this one. I just bought another one (1985 900) after 20 years out of Illinois, already equipped with a D&D pipe. David built the first jig for the first generation pipe with the short megaphone from my first Eliminator in 1985.

8th Jul 2016, 21:19

1985 ZL900, a friend bought it left over 1986. Wanted to get a ring for his girl in 1987. I've owned it since then. Oh the power it still has with 37,000 miles.

Pros: it still puts a grin on my face :))

Cons: 2.9 gallon gas tank, long rides are getting harder. (I think it's my age)