13th Mar 2009, 00:20

I bought a 2002 green ZR in 2008. It only had 6000 miles and was a one owner bike.

All I can say is I LOVE THIS BIKE!!! I cannot seem to find a bad thing to say about this green, powerful, sexy machine. I have had more compliments about the ZRX than any of my other bikes that I have owned in the past. A couple of my young neighbors own crotch-rockets, and when they saw my bike, you could tell they were impressed with the way the ZR looked, sounded and most of all blew them off the road.

I plan on having this bike for a long time, and adding just the right after market pieces to make my bike a one of a kind racer.

19th Apr 2009, 07:18

I bought a silver 04 new from the dealer in 2004. I was immensely pleased with the motorcycle right out of the box. Unfortunately, I love to tinker and modify. This can get expensive, but ultimately, I have the bike I have always wanted. The engine is capable of producing a lot of power.

I have modified the suspension, engine, and electrics. In my opinion, the 'ZRX' is as close to a perfect motorcycle as exists. Comfortable, powerful, good handling, and handles 2 up riding with ease. There is much to be said for the universal Japanese motorcycle and the 'ZRX' may very well be the best ever made.

I have owned a number of motorcycles and none were close to the "REX". Bill.

23rd Apr 2009, 17:39

Well I have to write another comment on here. I wrote a couple before explaining my love of my ZRX, but now as I sit in front of the computer writing instead of RIDING my bike, it makes me a bit bummed out, because I had laid my bike over (not by riding it) by backing it up. Had slipped and my bike had fallen on my right leg and broken it in three places down by my ankle. I had to have surgery, and I'm waiting for one more surgery to be able to walk again without the assistance of a crutch. So I don't think I'll be riding this year BUUUMMMMMEEERRR!!!

Anyway, my bike didn't get a scratch on it, and that's good news even though my leg got broke. It is sitting in my garage looking all nice and stuff, and I do go out and start it up and sit on it, waiting until I can ride again.

I bought the bike in winter of 07, and only got to ride it in 08 for about 4000 miles until my accident in Sept. of 08. It was a one owner bike that had only 6000 miles, and was in perfect mint condition (and still is).

I have the green Rex and will be adding a Corbin "gunfighter" seat to it hopefully in the near future. I am also going to add a Jardine or Akropovic exhaust system, as well as a Gimble belly pan as soon as I can get back to work.

The short time I did get to ride though was awesome!!! The ZRX has all the power that one could want for a street bike, and the paint job is as attractive as you could want for a factory sport bike. I have had it up to 135mph, and to some that isn't fast, but for me it was faster than I care to go, and I just enjoy riding my ZRX at a normal speed, although every once in a while you have to get on it! If not, then I would have bought a moped.

I have nothing bad to say about the ZRX, haven't had any problems whatsoever except staying on it! LOL.

The handling of the ZRX is good, and the acceleration is super, it has a roll on performance that is hard to beat.

People ask if I will ride my ZRX again when I am healed, and I tell them "you bet I will". Hope you all have enjoyed my comment, and hope to be riding soon.

8th May 2009, 15:18

I bought my ZRX1200R in May 2006, in the best colours on this planet (Eddie Lawson Green) Since then I have had 8000 miles of trouble free riding, both in this country and europe.

The power of this fantastic machine will put a smile on anyones face. The only criticism sometimes is the notchy gearbox, but you can put up with that due to the grin factor as soon as you twist the throttle.

I have no regrets buying such an iconic machine, it always turns heads when seen on the road, especially amongst us older riders.

It is one of the best bikes I have ever owned, and I have had a lot over the last 31 years of riding, from sports bikes to tourers and muscle bikes.

If you have ever wanted one, bite the bullet and get one, you won't be disappointed. The raw power of the Kawasaki engine is music to your ears.


Kawasaki Lover.

6th Aug 2009, 20:07

Just picked up a 2001 black and purple model!! Sweet!! I flew to Pittsburg from NY to pick it up. She only had 4200 miles and is mint. I was very impressed with the handling and power.

27th Oct 2009, 17:36

Bought my 02 REX with 3200 miles in April of 08. Just turned 9600 miles in Oct 09. GREATEST BIKE I HAVE EVER OWNED. BEEN RIDING FOR 40 years and have owned about a dozen bikes...

The Rex is a blast!!!

Bar none!!!

8th May 2010, 23:22

I just bought a 2001 ZRX, been riding an RF900 since 2000, which I'll keep... looks great, feels good so far, at low speeds. I gotta read the manual... LOL

5th Nov 2011, 15:24

Just bought mine, and it's everything I thought it would be. Huge amounts of low down and mid-range grunt, and likes to be revved and then it goes into warp speed. Seen 130 on clock without even trying.

Suspension needs a bit of setting up, as the standard settings are way too soft.

Fuel economy is good so far, and getting 160 miles before reserve. This will probably go down once I get used to the bike, and start using its performance to its full potential.

The lack of a centre stand is a pain for when you need to lube the chain, but otherwise a really practical bike.

1st Mar 2012, 09:19

I have ridden the fast ones. Miss them, but bought this 2002 ZRX for cash, no more payments... Just gas. She is the sweetest Red Head I have ever seen.

The low end grunt is unbelievable.

Hadn't checked the tire pressure or fork oil, so haven't been over 130, smooth ride.

I never had a soft tushie, so don't need a different seat. Rode 400 miles to eat lunch with a crowd, and didn't need to complain about anything except stretching my legs.

So glad I bought this bike. Had the chance to buy a 2005 new, but goofed and bought a CBR1000RR. Great bike if you can ride with your knees in your chest. And I am only 5'7...

6th Sep 2015, 20:11

Just bought an 05 1200 ZRX with 22k, and man I am loving it. I've been riding a 454 ltd for the last seven year and I felt a little intimated by the size and the different style of riding, but this one (ZRX) was very easy to settle into. I felt very comfortable right off the bat. I do have to set all the suspension back to factory due to my size (5'7" on a good day).

I guess the best way to put it in words for me, coming from an '85 454 ltd to a 2005 1200 ZRX, would be it's like dating a forty year old for seven years, to dating a twenty five year old college girl :) ;)