1991 Kawasaki ZX-11 from Serbia


Supreme sport tourer


Fuel pump relay wire went loose once.

Fork rings needed replacement every year or so, due to poor quality roads and my weight (130kg + girl).

Front brake pads didn't last long either.

Fuel tank needed some sealing due to rust problems on the bottom, probably because of 2 years on the open sky without owner.

General Comments:

The Zed is a very comfortable and reliable rocket on 2 wheels, which can do 350km+ trip with one tank, 2-up, fully loaded, if needed.

Touring speeds 160km/h+ also 2up with no effort for the engine or the driver. But, the front end couldn't be worse. Tight curves, knee scratching, shifting side to side, just forget it. Too heavy to dance. Supreme sport tourer for its age, just stay inside the Zed's limits, and twist the throttle as much as you dare. The sum of 110Nm and 150bhp means you can accelerate brutally any time any place from 2500rpm on, even in 6th gear.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2011

1995 Kawasaki ZX-11 from United States of America


Legendary bike with strong acceleration and reliability


Top-end was rebuilt in '08 due to the #3 piston rod failure.

Oil bypass system was installed to improve oil flow efficiency.

Since the repair, the bike has run smooth and strong. No problems.

General Comments:

Awesome bike. Incredible acceleration. It will be heavier in the corners, but still feels very planted and capable. Reliability of the Z engine is positive, much lower maintenance than a Ducati.

Riding position is comfortable, most like a sport touring versus the racer position of a sport bike. This bike will feel a bit heavy in parking lots and slow maneuvers, given the heft of the machine. I hope to have this a long time.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2009

1993 Kawasaki ZX-11 from Norway


Super fast, comfortable and reliable bike


A metal bracket holding the instruments inside the fairing broke at approximately 20000 miles.

Simmerings in the front fork broke twice, leading to leakage and repair.

Service intervals were quite short, or every 6000 km.

General Comments:

The Kawasaki ZX 11 D1 was very powerful, at least for those days standards.

The power, sound and "charisma" of the bike was very appealing to me.

Anyway, it was a little bit heavy and not too easy to handle.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2005