8th Jan 2008, 16:50

I am surprised to read previous comments about the ZX12R being heavy on tyre wear. I have now toured Europe three times on my ZX12R. I run the bike on Avon Azaros and get about 7000 (yes that's thousand!) miles from the rear, and more from the front (I replace both together, so when the rear runs to the legal limit, I replace the front at the same time).

I am a big fat lardy git and my bike is fully laden when touring. I don't cruise around at low speed, but also I am not lifting the front wheel on each gear change.

The bike has a dreadful tank capacity and fuel economy, but it makes for one of the most comfortable 'solo' touring bikes I have ever ridden (22 hours in the saddle from England to Southern Spain non-stop except for petrol, a pee, un baguette y una cafe con leche.

The pillion seat is utterly useless, other than for storage!

So far the bike has proven to be an excellent all-rounder, a great bike for going out for a blast with some mates and a competent touring bike. Totally reliable and fault free to date!

12th Jan 2008, 13:08

I just purchased a mint 2000 ZX12R with only 2500 hundred miles. It has a powercommanderIII usb, titanium muzzy exhaust, and lowering links.

Nothing mechanically wrong.

Riding slow around town under 3,000 rpm proves difficult, especially in first gear; it feels boggish. The bike likes to jump if you're not watching your right hand at this rpm.

Lowering links were a bad idea. Although they make it look cool, wheelies often end in the tire being eaten due to dragging under the rear seat.

2nd Oct 2008, 22:56

I have had my 2000 ZX12R for 2 years. No major problems, and yes even the dealer is not happy to see it come in for the valve adjustment, but for the most part it is a little more comfortable to ride than my GSXR 1000, which it has no problem keeping up with or leaving for that matter.

It has Power Commander muzzy pipe, and a K&N air filter. Same as my 1000. However the bike is very sensitive to the type of tire you use.

1st Jul 2009, 11:55

I have owned my 2000 A1 ZX12R for 12 months. I found the handling to be heavy and slow when I first bought the bike (previous bike was an 03 R1) so it was a little expected.

So on a recommendation of a friend, I took it to kais suspension specialist's. Oh my god!!! Best £40 I've ever spent! Got it set up for my weight (15 stone) and for fast road riding. What a difference. The handling is now spot on, it turns a lot quicker and is rock solid mid turn.

I replaced the Diablo's that came with the bike, because I found them a little lacking on the odd track days I attend. Before you think it, I know it's no track bike. But found when the 200 section Dunlop qualifier on the rear and the qualifier RR on the front was fitted, I had no worries with grip or wear. 2500 miles rear, 3200 up front.

I've never kept a bike for longer than 2 years, but I'll be keeping this for many years to come.

Must note, the ZX12R will eat you alive if you're new to riding. A very steady right hand is needed!!! Much respect to all ZX12R owners out their...

14th Jul 2009, 14:14

I have had my 2K ZX12 since last October, and now have 3K miles on it. I will never need another motorcycle. I am 65 years old and own a 95 ZX11D that I absolutely love. The only reason I bought the 12 was looks. I have no problem punishing the 11 to red line on an airport where I work, the 12 is a completely different story, this bike WILL give you tunnel vision so fast it is unbelievable.

For those who say the 12 is heavy, they haven't ridden the 11. I find this bike well balanced, FAST, easy to ride, predicable, needs to be ridden through turns. There has never been a time when I have gotten off of either one of these bikes when I wasn't smiling from ear to ear.

Owned Triumph Trident (Great Bike) used. New 1977 Kawk KZ1000 LTD with a Drouin Supercharger. Nothing comes close to the 12! Haven't ridden a 14, but beat one from a Th gear punch.

25th Oct 2009, 13:45

I have a ZX12R A1, bought it with 18500 miles. Looked almost like new, runs well and has never let me down. Just spent the summer in Spain, having ridden there from Scotland.

On the handling, it is a heavy bike but I've not found that a problem, I rode some of the best roads I've seen on the Costa Brava in Spain, never got out of 2nd gear for about 30 min of hard riding, it was great! While the ZX12 isn't the ideal bike for that sort of road, it still managed it fine and was a lot of fun, and it was also comfortable for the 1500 miles it took me to get there!

Cruising on a motorway I can get 120 miles average from a tank, but on the twisties that goes down to less than 80.

Only one niggle is a problem with the fueling that causes it to stutter slightly at 5k revs, I don't think it's a common problem though.

All-in-all it's a great bike, especially if you are tall like me. When I sell it, I plan to buy a newer model.

26th Dec 2009, 07:20

I own a 2005 ZX-12r with just under 10k trouble free miles on it. Did not get along with it for the first few hundred miles maybe because it felt a little different, but just a while later began to love it. It is quite taller than other sports bikes, and suits taller riders.

First advice for bigger riders is to sort out the front suspension by adding some preload and raising the forks a bit or raising the rear ride height, then go out and test it in the twisties, and make changes to compression and rebound settings till you find the sweet spot, it will surprise you and leave a big grin on your face.

The ZX-12r's engine revs freely, makes 150mph seem a piece of cake, add a 17 tooth sprocket in the front and acceleration gets even nastier. Sadly the tranny on the bike is not as slick as Suzuki's, and the clutch will not last long either if you drag race.

Other negative points would be bad gas mileage, unhappy feel under 100mph, kills tyres when ridden hard, and its styling is beginning to show its age, nothing a few aftermarket parts won't fix.

My mods are an Akrapovic full exhaust system, Bmc race filters, Pc3 Usb and a 17 tooth sprocket, replaced the 200sec rear wheel with a size 190 for better handling.

A very happy owner in spite my machine being untuned on a dyno.

If you get a low mileage one for cheap, don't miss it.

2nd Jan 2010, 15:00

I bought my 00 ZX12R in June 09 with 4200 miles on it. She now has 13,000 miles on her.

As far as her being heavy in the turns, my previous bike was an 03 Kawi Z1000. Only change I needed was maintain good tire pressure and to really pay attention to my racing lines, outside inside outside through turns.

The power she possess is nice. I have yet for a ZX14 or even the 09 Busa taking off on me in a straightaway. In the turns, those bikes get left behind and the Thousands cannot run away. It is the best of both worlds in my books.

Seat is a bit uncomfy after 200 miles, but I am about to redo the cushions to battle that issue. I will NEVER sell this bike, so if you can get one, hold on for the ride of your life in the twisties and the straights.