7th Apr 2010, 16:18

Had my 12R for a year now, an '01 A1 in excellent condition and 27K.

I have added 1.75 inch bar raisers, and what a transformation, comfort and cornering are considerably better, especially on those longer trips, although I never had a real issue with either.

The co pilot says the rear seat is fine on long journeys and I get over 5000 miles on a rear tyre. An excellent choice for two up touring. I can get 160 miles on a tank when required out in the sticks when filling stations are scarce.

Solo, this bike really takes some beating, the pick up from any speed is neck breaking with the knowledge that the brakes are up to the job when required.

Handling is superb, although it does take some extra consideration and planning around town, any pillions really need to sit still at low speeds, 'cos when this bike tips you realise just how heavy a lump it can be. Like all great bikes though, get the speed up, ride it well and it will reward you every time you take it out with that, "wow, what a life feeling"

23rd Jun 2010, 12:12

Just bought a ZX12 A2, the restricted A1. Yeah restricted to 186 mph, which for me is fast enough LOL.

One of the main problems is how lumpy the bike is low down, as it seems to be a little snatchy on the throttle around 30 to 40 mph. However I have been told that a power commander will sort that out, and a Bonneville box eliminates the speed restrictor, which is sold by Muzzy for I think around £62 + postage.

The ZX12 was always the bike I wanted, but I can't help thinking my ZX9f2p was a better bike. In all fairness, I'm still injured after writing the nine off, and haven't really been able to fully try the ZX12. But one thing is for sure, it likes petrol.

LOL I have to laugh at an earlier comment; 7000 miles out of a rear tyre on a ZX12r. Who was he kidding, either that or it was running on one cylinder. As I have never even had that kind of mileage out my Honda CX500's back tyres LOL.

As for touring, well I'm about to start that this year, oh and as for a Rentec rack LOL, just got one and it's useless, you might get a shoe box on it.

All the best to all the guys on the ZX12r`s, as they are still king of the road.

1st Aug 2010, 23:21

I bought my blue 2001 ZX12r after owning a lot of head down bum up sportbikes. I sat on a friend's 12 and thought this is me.

The power is something else! It literally will pull your arms from your shoulders.

I get a lot of good comments about the blue wheels and the flame transfers on the bikes sides.

The engine is silky smooth, the handling is OK. Fuel range isn't that good, but my record from a full tank is 240km.

The faults are what gives the 12 its character. I have fitted Helibars, Buell XB footpegs and Oxford Hotgrips; as a result, a recent long distance trip left me with no sore neck or back. I also have a Ventura pack rack fitted.

I find because the bike is so fast, you tend to slow down since you have nothing to prove. This goes for 'busa owners. I love my 12!

6th Aug 2011, 17:06


I recently purchased a 2000 ZX12R, and find the bike to be great!

Yeah, fuel economy is rubbish, but you can't have HP and great fuel mileage can you!

Tyres last ages; have recently replaced a set of tyres after doing 10000 kms on a set; you other guys mustn't be able to ride safely!

Power seems poor, but the bike is reliable.

11th Jun 2012, 03:13

Great site and great reviews. Very informative and comprehensive.

20th Feb 2013, 16:10

Had my 12R for sometime now (2 years). Not a problem have I had in that time, however fuel range isn't great or MPG, but by heck you need to replace your arms after some mean acceleration. Mine is an unrestricted version with Power Commander and Muzzy exhaust. If you get carried away with your right hand, you won't keep your license for long. Happy riding all you ZX12R riders.

6th Feb 2015, 16:37

Hi have owned a 01 12R for four years. A fantastic machine. Have covered 24,000 miles and she still feels as strong.

Only 1 problem - servicing can be a pain with regards to regular throttle body balance. Worthwhile for a clean pick up throughout the rev range.

Modern 1000s are just as quick, but they don't make their power in the same way.

I love it! A very big sports bike.

16th Jan 2018, 11:33

Hi mate, I just purchased a 2005 Z12, 40k on the clock, not sure if I got the best deal at $6k, but it's in great condition, very happy so far, all the best.

27th Jun 2018, 10:51

Hi mate, bar sounds about the right price, I paid about the same earlier this year. I love mine, very happy.

30th Aug 2018, 20:30

I have a 01 ZX12R which I have fitted with ZZR1400 forks, brakes & wheels. I fitted a full Cobra exhaust system and Power Commander. The Nissin calipers were great, but corroded badly so I fitted new 330mm PFM discs and 2013 ZX10R Tociko calipers. These are being dumped by ZX10 owners, but they use 2 pads instead of 4 and work well with HH extreme pads. Also the Nissins wouldn't fit with bigger discs. Set up on the Dyno I have 200 RWBHP and the same torque as an H2 at 7.5k revs, a full 1k below an H2. Why would you buy anything else, especially as I am 6'4".