2001 KTM 640 Adventure R from United States of America


Good bike overall for what it is made for!


Sorry! I had nothing go wrong with the two KTM640 Adventures that I have.

I have both a 1999, which I keep in the USA, and a 2001 which I keep in Australia. The USA one has 30,000 miles on it and the Australia one has 30,000 km on it!

Oh! Both of the digital speedos died this year! Bikes handle well off the road and fine on the road. Yes! Not as much fun on the pavement as my GS1150R, but then my GS is not much fun off the road!

How do I use the bikes? Mostly as adventure touring bikes! That is, long trips of 2 or more weeks. Must transport all the gear for camping and care of the bike with me! I use hard bag racks, but use soft bags that are water proof. The soft bags do not hold as much so I have to keep to only what is needed and travel as light as possible! Both soft bag sets have lasted to the present date!

The bikes have non stock exhaust systems on them. Which is lighter and improves the low end performance once jetted properly!

Reliability! Nothing has broken on either bike as far as engine, frame or wheels! The only parts that have been broken were from a fall and none of them affected operation of bike!

Oh! Yes, did have a clutch cable go out on my 1999 at around 20,000 miles (always carry a spare) but that is not a problem with the new hydralic clutches - wish my two had that system! Yes, the clutch does drag when hot and sitting at a light for a time is no fun while in gear!

I am a short rider, so to get off the bike, I go to one side before coming to complete stop with gear on bike! I have a hard time getting off from a complete stop with bags and all on the bike!

Overall they are very good bikes for long off the road or adventure trips!

Keep the filter clean and use high quality motor oil, and the machine should last many years.

Can almost get two KLR650's for the same price. The KLR650 is also a nice adventure touring bike and still fun to use around town! My older KTM's (before the hydraulic clutch) are not as much fun around town due to clutch drag, for me that is! Around town, I like my BMW for that use and on long street trips!

Would I buy a new one? Not sure I would do that again due to the price! Will stay with what I have till they need to be replaced, and then look at what is on the market! But at present, I think both bikes will last me many more years!

General Comments:

Off the road the handling is very good with full dirt tires. On the road, the handling is very good with a good set of street tires!

Yes, the seat! I have no problems doing 500 miles of offroad riding per day! The seat is only OK for 300 miles of on the street usage per day. Well, at least for me!

Other than that, a good bike overall!

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Review Date: 24th July, 2005

18th Oct 2018, 16:31

Hi. Update. Still have the 1999. Still no problems with it. Had a rally style skid plate added to carry tools down low. Sold Aussie bike = no time to go to Australia. Still Australia is a great dual sport place to ride. Now have 2003 and 2006 KTM Adventures. The best is the 2003. Also own three BMWs. Would love to find another 2003 640 Adventure. But now very busy with family and career, so little time for long trips. All take care.

2002 KTM 640 Adventure R from Canada


Ready to race


Front fork seal leak at 10k.

No other problems yet.

General Comments:

A great bike for the enthusiast. If you watch the Dakar race each year, this is the bike for you.

It is rough, but race ready.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2005