2004 KTM 640 Adventure R from Ecuador


Orange wonder


I've been riding this bike for just a few months!

I'm new with motorbikes. This was a second hand purchase, and I'll be happy doing a 6000 km trip with it during my vacation!

Left rear turn light broke, clock does not appear anymore!

Accelerating, I thought it was a "bull", but for me it's alright that way!

General Comments:

I like it performing on-off road, both are this bike's habitat.

Nevertheless, I'd rather use it off road, works nice!

New sprocket (less teeth) and dual-purpose tires let you ride on the highway easily over 110 km/h.

Lots of accessories and gadgets offer to set it as a RTW bike!

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Review Date: 30th July, 2008

29th Sep 2008, 15:58

While I wrote this, I had a bad feeling with my KTM dealer in Spain. I got to another city and it was worse.

Back in my country, it seems that the service of KTM dealer was better, even if I knew since day 1 that the spares were expensive. One weekend my gasket blew-up, have to sell my soul to get the new spares.

Asked in USA dealer, service was worst.

I'm disappointed, I'd rather have a Honda! Seems that if you don't have a tattoo on your neck, you're not going to be paid any attention in the store!!!

Seems also that my 6400 km adventure will be done on a Japanese make!

Auf wiedersehen orange crush!

10th Nov 2009, 13:35

Things can only get better!

Found spares, did my Adventure (2b sincere 4800km) with this LC4 bike made in Austria & it did awesome!

Almost every weekend and sometimes during the week I'm having a lot of fun with this KTM. By the end of the year I'm planning another trip 2up. I have to tell you that a guy I found riding around the world on the same bike has done more than 350k miles with NO PROBLEM during the past years, only a few basic things!

21st Sep 2011, 22:08

Just as an upgrade, at 35000 km I had problems with a piston. This is a second-hand bike and I don't know how it was used and maintained before. I've been riding it for 25000 km. I bought the spare (abroad as always) and I will keep it - if things go right - one or two extra years. Clutch pump, checked suspension, new brake pads and other spares changed!

Has anyone used this bike after performing the above mentioned repair?

2003 KTM 640 Adventure R from United States of America


A highly capable off-road machine that can be ridden anywhere


Soft OEM seat replaced with a Renazco Racing seat at 2000 miles.

Rocker cover leak at 7000 miles.

Soft fork and shock springs replaced with stiffer units at 9000 miles.

General Comments:

There is nothing presently available from another manufacturer that has the capability of a 640 Adventure.

Unless a substantially "better" version comes along, I'll continue to ride it and be happy.

Not a bike for everyone... a dedication to the model and mechanical aptitude are prerequisites. Your efforts will be rewarded with a street legal bike, capable of serious long-range off-road use... at speeds other "Adventure bikes" can only imagine.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2005

6th Feb 2006, 21:47

You say there is nothing on the market that compares.. what about the KLR650?? Cheaper too..

2nd Apr 2006, 20:07

A KLR 650 is cheaper than the KTM, but the two bikes are not comparable. The KTM has quite the upper hand in the off-road performance department, as well as street acceleration.

5th Apr 2006, 22:50

No real comparison. The KTM has it in spades over the heavy, piggish KLR. And it is lighter and has a larger fuel tank. Plus, the KTM is a much better looking machine. The only advantage, in my opinion, is the cost. But KTMs have a great resale value, and are much better off road.

To each his or her own.. there are fans of both machines, but I will choose KTM every time.

12th Dec 2007, 20:15

This bike is fun, I've had it for three years now. Gets on it for sure. A wheelie machine.

30th Nov 2008, 02:44

These bike are so much fun. Yes they're a little rough and not very refined. 640's don't idle well, have problems between 1st and 2nd, tend to over-heat in traffic etc. But they have torque, snarl, performance and attitude! They go really well cruising the highway (if you've put a road sprocket on the back), and they go x@$@% well off-road. Nothing comes close. NOTHING!!