1975 Moto Guzzi 750 S3 from Australia


The love of my life


Basically nothing. I had to fix a few things from dumb previous owners, and I've crashed a few times, so now it's down for restoration.

If your compression's low, check the rings before assuming it's more serious. They wear, but they are cheap and easy to replace.

Not a bad guzzi, can be very expensive. You can spend $4k on an engine alone. New owners often have about 12 months trouble while the bike settles down, and recovers from the previous owner..:)

General Comments:

I love this bike. I've owned dozens of the most exotic and common bikes available, and I can afford anything I want. At the same time it's a study in mediocrity. but does everything I want it to. It's as fast as I am, handles well, needs little maintenance and I can tour 12 hour days on it. Every bike I've had till now was a one night stand. This one's the marrying kind. I'll never sell it.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2004

30th Mar 2008, 02:57

Well now, I agree almost totally with this. I have had a number of Guzzis and other bikes before, as well as alongside my old S3, and have kept the S3 as the 'bike I always choose to ride in preference to any of the others.

Now with 386,000km on the clock, she's getting a bit long in the tooth, but whenever it's a nice day and I want to have a good time, I wheel her out.

10th May 2008, 07:10

I have an S3 too, totally original. I agree with the comment. The bike rides very very well and I saw many V7 Sports, but never met another example from the S3. The colour scheme is magnificent. My Borrani wheel aren't perfect. I'm looking for a perfect pair of these.

Greetzz from Roeselare, Belgium. Steve.

7th Jun 2008, 07:01

I also have an S3. Styling is beautiful yet has character. Very reliable and plenty of torque. Acceleration is definitely not its strong point, and can feel weighty in the top - requires attention when handling off the bike. It is unique and I love it. Would be the last I sell out of my stable of Italians.

Tim, Australia.

4th Sep 2008, 18:44

I owned a used 750 S3 in 1983 and sold it a year later...

I've owned 15 other bikes (BMW's, Yamaha's, Suzuki's) since then, but the one I never forgot is the Guzzi...

God I loved and hated that bike (no money and a lot of repair...)

30th Oct 2009, 22:22

I recently bought an S3 after many years of wanting one. I have some very serious motorcycles, all of which are way more powerful, handle better and are some 20 to 30 years younger.

But damn I love that S3.

It came from a shed with 61000k on the clock, cleaned the carbs, changed the oils and a new battery, runs like a clock. Brake lines replaced as the old ones perished and need paint.

Paid good money for it, maybe more than I should have, but would do it again, it's just such a cool thing to ride.

Tony Australia.

3rd Jun 2010, 19:10

I am the original reviewer. Guzzi 750's now have a yahoo group to talk about our bikes. Other guzzi owners welcome also.