2011 Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe from United Kingdom


A quirky but beautiful bike that grows on you


Mirrors dropped off due to internal corrosion.

Battery had to be replaced and needs linking to an optimiser or it goes flat after 10 days.

General Comments:

Beautiful to look at and very well made. On smooth roads you can throw it all over the place, and though low on power, it is extremely tractable with a wonderful exhaust tone. Economical and low revving, it is rather anachronistic, a step back to a simpler age really.

It is Italian so has its faults, but is stylish and simple; these things munch miles and go forever.

I am too old for the tucked up riding position, so I use it for sunny afternoon rides and it turns a few heads. Not really practical, buy a standard V7 if you want a bit more comfort.

I will keep this bike as only 100 were imported, and it is appreciably different to the mainstream stuff with all the electronic wizardry, much of which is unwarranted. Moto Guzzis are character bikes, reliable and well proven. Expensive to fix, but fortunately they don't go wrong too often. The finish is not as good as many, but far better than it used to be. Best kept in a dry garage if you can. They run a little hot so pay attention to regular engine oil changes, but the gearbox and shaft are well under stressed with such a low power output.

Not a worry as speed limits keep dropping, congestion increases and speed traps increase. A Guzzi is a practical real world motorcycle.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 29th August, 2016