2003 MZ Baghira Supermoto from United Kingdom


Really enjoyed riding it - now I'm looking to get a Fireblade!


The battery goes flat if I don't ride it very often.

The back wheel collapsed on me when I went over a speed bump.

General Comments:

The bike, once tuned to me, is the best handling bike I have ever owned. It will go around corners without having to slow down.

The racing wet tires that come as standard are very good, but putting some Rensport racing tires on make it even better. Swapping the super heavy exhaust for something aftermarket also helps!

It is very difficult to ride any real distance on a motorway with this bike at any real speed. Pains in the inner thigh appear after 50 miles or so of 90+ mph.

On a back road, the bike finds its top speed quite quickly. To ride fast (80mph+) requires the bike to be at full throttle, which means there isn't anything in reserve if you need it.

The bike uses a number of easy to find parts - however, you need to ask for them under their original manufacturer names, as the MZ Baghira name will just confuse the shop! The engine is a tuned Yamaha 660. The block is from a 660 quad, while the rest of the components are brand name equipment.

This is a great bike to own if you are a little long in the leg, like to ride at 80-70 mph, and do most of your riding in an urban area.

For a sportsbike owner, it will slowly frustrate you as all the advantages of owning a bike - quick acceleration, easy to do distance etc are not possible on this bike!

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Review Date: 27th September, 2006

2005 MZ Baghira Supermoto from United Kingdom


Excellent value 'soft' supermoto


Rear lamp bulb failed at 2500 kilometres.

General Comments:

Great engine - Yamaha 660 single cylinder.

Good brakes.

A bit heavier than competitors - enormous exhaust to blame for that...

Very good handling once the forks and rear suspension are adjusted to match one's weight and riding style.

Surprisingly good finish - nothing has rusted through one bad winter, including salt on the roads.

Quite economical - around 50 mpg.

Does go through tyres - needs a rear every 6000 kilometres

Seat not very comfortable at first, but you do get used to it...

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Review Date: 16th June, 2006