1984 MZ ETZ 250 from United Kingdom


Well thought out practical comfortable bike, but not pretty


I got given it as it had been in a small crash and the handle bars and mudguard were bent. New tyres needed as well. Got thru rego and no trouble from there on.

General Comments:

A thoroughly reliable town commuter that did cruise at 70 mph smoothly. Being a two stroke it wasn't that economical at higher speeds, but always got 45 mph regardless of how I rode it.

Barely used any oil from the auto lube tank. I think I only topped it up twice in the two years of running it.

Parts were ridiculously cheap and having a fully enclosed chain meant that it never wore out and seldom if ever needed replacing.

An ugly bike that rode extremely well. I've had about 12 bikes and these MZ's shine above the rest.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2004

16th Jun 2005, 18:54

If these MZ250s are that reliable and dependable, I would like to consider one. I am a man that likes a machine for durability and cheapness rather than performance.

I can`t stand machines that cost huge amounts of money to run that are not practical. I spend most riding time within the confines of a small, densely populated city with congestion problems. Therefore a cheap workhorse is needed.