1980 MZ TS250/1 from United Kingdom


The best engineered motorcycle ever made


Brakes aren't great. After a year I fitted a disc brake and front forks from the later model (MZ ETZ 250). I got Burwins of London to source the parts for me. Cost £200 and half a day to fit, very easy and worthwhile upgrade, but not necessary.

Indicators are poor, as usual for 6V electrics. Would recommend LED replacements, cheap and easy.

This is not the bike for those who aren't mechanically minded. The design is solid but primitive, so does need regular servicing.

General Comments:

Wow, what a bike. The best thing about this bike is the quality of engineering and the build quality; it's unbelievable. Absolutely everything about this bike has been carefully considered and expertly designed for reliability, ease of maintenance and economy.

This bike is so cheap it must be seen to be believed. It does 80 MPG in the city, 60 MPG on A roads and about 50 MPG on the motorway. Excellent for a 250 2-stroke. Spares parts are both cheap and bountiful, www.themzshop.co.uk stocks every part... and I mean EVERY part. From tiny individual springs to full carbs and engine casings. Spares are still being manufactured in Hungary, so there is plenty still to come.

Handling is 1st class and a lot of fun to ride.

Acceleration is good; not as sharp as Japanese 2-strokes, but still plentiful for a light bike, which it is.

Nice low seat, which is good for shorter riders (like me).

Suspension is great and trouble free. Ride is quite smooth due to the engine being rubber mounted to absorb vibrations.

Apart from the indicators, the lights are great. Best 6V headlight I've ever had by far. Headlamp and bulb are massive which helps; as bright as any 12V from the time.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 8th February, 2015