2008 Peugeot Ludix Blaster from United Kingdom




Spark plug.


General Comments:

The bike was great when I first bought it. It handles great, and the speed was good; managed to get 58mph downhill when only de-restricted.

Wanted more speed so added a Leo Vince ZX chrome pipe, but left the standard rollers in and it managed to wheelie from just pulling away. A week later added the 6.2 rollers that come with the exhaust, and it ran fine.

I've just recently added a Polini variator, which made no difference. Made no change in speed, and a couple of days later I broke down the carb, managed to let water in, and now it just bogs and back fires 24/7.

I've been told that I may need to add clutch springs to clear up the bogging and fresh rollers. I have cleaned my carb and the jets within it, and it still carried on doing it. I wondered if anyone had any info on the matter, because I'm quite worried about the back firing and the fact it won't go past 30mph until I get to a down hill place?

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Review Date: 25th September, 2009

28th Nov 2011, 08:24

Try taking it to a garage and see what they say. I would say that it is the timing. Try and do a service on it, then change the spark plug, then change the fuel. And what would you call your bike, liquid cooled or water cooled?

9th Jan 2012, 16:18

Hi there, I guess you have sold the bike by now, as I have had endless faults, and have spent around £800 repairing it.

The problem you say about back firing is what I have just managed to fix after around a year of having the bike. The first thing was the water pump that went, which was causing spark plugs to burn out. Then never started and always broke down.

The solution is easy:

1) Clean the carb out and jets.

2) Fit a plug that on a Ludix Blaster 10 is a CR7EB, and lower that gap in the plug to 20 (just over half), and the bike runs faster and better than new I'd say! I now get 55-60mph flat.

2005 Peugeot Ludix Blaster from United Kingdom


Nippy, cheap and fun


Nothing goes wrong with this, it just keeps on going.

Hard to start the odd time, but a little wd40 on the plug and you're away.

General Comments:

Accelerates very fast, and it's reliable.

To answer the other questions, if it has a performance filter or exhaust fitted, you MUST up jet the carb 1; to stop it spluttering and 2; to stop the engine seizing, as petrol is used as a lubricant for the cylinder, so 5% upjet for just exhaust and 10-15% for both the exhaust and filter, and 10% for the filter.

I have a Leo Vince ZX exhaust and upjetted to 60 main jet (original was 55 as with all Ludix models) and it purrs really well.

As for slowing down when warm; mine does a little, but this is with the belt getting worn, so buy a new kevlar one. It still happens but no where near as much.

Any other questions, email me on adamcrawshaw222@hotmail.com

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Review Date: 11th December, 2008

2008 Peugeot Ludix Blaster from United Kingdom


Great sports scooter


Front wavy disc needed changing at 1000 kilometers; it was distorted, but the dealer changed it under warranty...

Exhaust gasket blew at cylinder head. Replaced by dealer but seized up engine two days later... off the road for 2 weeks waiting for a new barrel and piston, fitted under warranty by dealer... so OK.

General Comments:

This is a quick scooter and is capable of 320 mile round trips to Milton Keynes and back to Grimsby. on 16 pounds of fuel. Very good on oil at l litre for every 1000 kilometers.

Seat is a little uncomfortable, but it will do 4 hours OK.

Handling is very good, no problems with cats eyes or white lines? And it's good in wet conditions.

A good all round sporty scooter. I would recommend to anyone, good value for the money, great to work transport, now for the t.a.g fitted kit?

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Review Date: 17th August, 2008