2007 Peugeot Ludix Blaster from United Kingdom


Wait until you can get a bigger or more popular bike


Hard to get hold of body parts for the bike, and the manufacturer's website is very unhelpful.

General Comments:

It's an OK bike, but for the money it is a rip off.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2007

2006 Peugeot Ludix Blaster from United Kingdom




The brake pad has worn.

General Comments:

It is a very fast bike, but I wish it had more space to put my belongings in.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2006

2005 Peugeot Ludix Blaster from Croatia


Excellent piece of scootmanship (if you don't need any boot space)


Front "mud-defenders"... If I said it correctly... got loose and the screw got lost. I screwed in my own screw.

Everything else is fine except the brake phenomenon...

General Comments:

Great little town runner! During the worst rush hour you can get anywhere you need.

The pros:

Goes like stink! Only 50cc and without the limiter, goes 80km/h like that. Never do I have to worry if the car behind me at the traffic lights will be nervous of my slow start.

Since it's stock, nobody expects it to be fast, but you should see what I do to the kids who "tune" their scooters (Yamaha's, NRG-s and others). Their scooters are 10 times louder than mine, consume even more fuel and I'm still ahead of them =)

The main thing is that with a passenger, the scooter is still very quick and potent! Unlike my aunt's Daelim 50cc.

Excellent looks, nice touch on the side fins for cooling the radiator and the "one eye" lens for light, although it's very dim and is barely enough for zero-light night riding.

Comfort is, as for most French products, extremely good! Has large balloon-like wheels, and an ergonomic seat. Although it's quite a packed scooter when two persons are on board, nobody is uncomfortable.

And now the cons:

Really loud, when coming home late at night I feel awkward and shut the scooter down before I get to the garage, and just walk it in.

Fuel consumption isn't really great. I guess it's this cold winter weather, consumes up to 4.5l/100km.

I thought something was wrong with the brakes... What happens? I pull the front brake lever and when coming to a stop, the whole scooter starts shaking, really hard...But the official dealer convinces me it's because of the "sporty" brake rotors, which are not round, but have "V" inserts...

The power of the brakes is not that good either, if I pull it fully the scooter stops, but not that quick. I would expect the front wheel to lock.

Oh yes, there is NO boot space. By "NO" I mean, 0, nothing, nada, zip... You have to get a 26 liter box.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2006

6th Mar 2006, 13:02


It's me again.

Just to update the scooter status @1250km.

Clutch broke down, replaced under warranty.

Fuel system needed cleaning ~40 Eur.

30th Apr 2006, 12:33

Me again.

I got hit by a car, nothing serious, didn't even fall of the scooter. The air-filter broke into pieces and the rear "mud-defender" got cracked. ~50 Eur repair.

The front brake is still puzzling me. Accompanied with extremely poor braking force, when pulling the lever it just keeps on dropping through; like the brake has levels. Squeaks while standing still and pulling the lever. Something is seriously not right with the front disc brake.

Now at 2500km, regular maintenance. ~40 Eur. The brake pads wore down, but they were improperly set up when the scooter was new, so they wore down unevenly and at the wrong angle!

Will pick it up in a few days and see if the vibrating-brake phenomenon disappeared, and if the braking force has been restored to a satisfying level.