20th Jun 2006, 08:19


I am buying this bike, and people are telling me it is fabulous. I have also been on one, and it seems that nothing goes wrong with them.

I will carry on writing in the future to say if anything has happened to this bike.


26th Jun 2006, 12:13

I'm glad that my review helped you! But... I'm more and more dissatisfied with the scooter.

Right after regular maintenance (2500km), at 2800km the vario broke down again!!! This time the vario belt broke also! First, the same symptoms as before, poor acceleration, 60km/h max top speed and then just *SNAP* the scooter is broken down...

Two times, the same thing. Replaced under warranty of course.

Now I have 4500km, and for more than 1500km, the scooter is barely able to run when idling. Sometimes it chokes when I try to start after long idling at the traffic lights. Turns off when cold/hot starting, I always have to hold the gas handle a bit tense.

Oh yeah, the pads wore down again very quickly and the vibrating brake phenomenon returned! Someone really messed up when engineering this scooter!

The more I drive it, the more I notice the loudness! It's just too loud. Once I drove it without a helmet, I wonder why I'm not deaf right now.

But, I must say that the new vario set is superb! Better acceleration than before and top speed of 75~80km/h with two persons on board is supreme!!!

Nevertheless, I still enjoy driving it since it's just so cute, very fast, comfortable, easy to use and extremely economical, only 3.5~3.6 l/100km!

27th Jul 2006, 12:29

Me again; getting rid of this garbage.

The scooter is pure rubbish.

At 4900km the FUEL LINE started leaking. I felt very "comfortable" driving at 35°C through town to the service shop, leaking fuel just centimeters away from the burning engine.

The poor idling wasn't solved, even though I explicitly said it has some serious problems. I got home, and the scooter died and didn't want to fire up again. I was furious! Wanted to dump the scooter into a river!

When I calmly called them and explained what happened. They came over to my place first thing in the morning. The carburetor was poorly set up. A few twitches with the screwdriver and it worked.

Now at 5100km, a whole bunch of metal and plastic got loose, and under hard acceleration, everything shakes and makes a horrible grinding noise!!!

Now it's still running poor when idling, barely fires up when cold.

Had some great moments with the scooter, but now I'm getting rid of it as I don't want to hang out at the service shop every week!!! When mentioning a NEW scooter, they said that the warranty is here to FIX ANY PROBLEMS DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD, obviously they meant no new scooter, and they'll be fixing it a hundred times over and over for the same thing...

Very very disappointing experience from Peugeot, I can't believe they could've done such a poor product.

Thanks for reading, hope this is my last entry under Peugeot. I'm about to buy a used Kymco Bet&Win 250.

9th Oct 2006, 13:36

Hey I have had my Blaster since last May. I find it a great bike - it will beat any derestricted boy racer ped to thirty as it's still standard. It even keeps up with 125s on acceleration.

The bad point with the bike is the mud guard, which came loose and jammed in my wheel, throwing me off and scratching most of the panels.

27th Nov 2006, 03:26

Hey there, it's me again, the author of the thread.

Now at exactly 7500km, I noticed very much squeaking and rattling coming from the exhaust area. The service shop says the exhaust rusted from the inside and the suppressor panels are broken. Of course, it's not covered by warranty because the exhaust is not physically broken from the outside! OMG!

While they were checking the exhaust, another sound came from somwhere in the transmission area. They said I should leave it with them for a few days, so that's what I did.

After the regular maintenance at 7500km the scooter runs great, the previous spark plug was oil fouled and gave me poor performance.

Ah, too bad : (

17th Jan 2007, 03:54

Me again, so the rattling noise was the water pump, was broken, fixed under warranty.

Another thing that went wrong happened just a few days ago, the backpack holder broke off the chassis!

The stand got twisted.

What am I to say? Well, I'm not really concerned or amazed that it happened, neither do I expect the faults to stop arising...

Will keep you updated.

P.S. I have to remind everyone that I've never fallen off the scooter, nor was it crashed or anything.

2nd Feb 2007, 12:12

I have a Blaster RS12 and it is a beast.

8th Feb 2007, 04:33

Haha, died on me again! Yesterday, it was raining while I was driving, all of a sudden the scooter started losing power and begin to jerk like when it's cold, only I wasn't accelerating anymore. It shut down and wouldn't start until cold, and I had to use the kick-starter.

The muffler silencer (or whatever is that thing on the end of exhaust) got loose again and is making rattling noise like it did before.

I'm really fed up with this scooter, again I have to be without a necessary mean of transportation for days until it's fixed.

What's more ironic, it will probably work fine when it isn't raining.

12th Mar 2007, 13:19

Hello people. I brought one of the Ludix Blasters and completely agree with what you have said about it, which is that it basically keeps breaking down.

I’ve had the bike since June 2005, and I have had the petrol pipe split twice, and now the bearings are going on the back wheel, and the bike has only done 5000km. So for now I’m selling the bike and looking for something better, any ideas?

16th Mar 2007, 12:56

I am from Poland and we have bad roads. A friend told me I should buy a brand scooter like Yamaha, but I got a Peugeot Ludix. It worked OK for 2 months, but when I hit the first hole in the road, the screw that kept the damper in place got loose, and after a mile something begun to buzz and then the scooter stopped. Now it is 5 days since I took it back to the seller, and they said that some pipe moved out of its place and strangled the fuel line (!?), and they need to order the whole fuel system replaced.

The only problem that I've got besides this one, is that sometimes it stopped after I tried to get going at the green light.

16th Mar 2007, 14:16

Hi there people, I have had bike now for just over a year. I've done 24000 miles on it and the only thing that has gone wrong is the wheel bearing after about 20000 miles, but that was replaced free of charge.

My bike is derestricted with a sports exhaust, and I have been clocked in at 70mph by a friend on a 125.

It's a great little bike. I would highly recommend it. I hope I have helped if you were unsure of buying this bike.

12th Apr 2007, 01:20

It's me, the starter of the thread, again.

Now at 9300km, problems still coming up.

So, everything (or so I thought) was fixed on the last service. They:

- Changed the muffler silencer for a brand new one

- Fixed the stander, welded some supports on it

- Welded the broken backpack holder

- Cleaned the carburetor free of charge

- Cleaned and tidied up the scoot for me

But! The thermometer died on me just as I was on the way to the service, so I haven't written it down as I did with the problems above.

The thing is that the thermometer shows the same value whether the engine is hot or cold, the dial doesn't move.

They did not fix it, because it "works". By works I mean it gets from 0/8 to 2.5/8 of the scale, but stays there. When working properly it shows 3.5/8 when hot, and 2.5/8 when cold.

Just the other day it seems the starter button is failing. When I press it to start the scooter, everything goes silent for a second, then c-c-c and about to start, then again complete silence. I don't know...

The brake phenomenon I explained a YEAR ago returned, again, poor braking performance, "levels" of braking force, the lever drops halfway through when starts to bite, squeaks when pulling the brake lever in a standstill, extreme vibrations when coming to a stop...

The fuel consumption increased since they "fixed" the bike, it was around ~4.1l/100km, now it's at ~4.8l/100km. In other words, previously I could do 120-130km with one tank, now it's around 100km.

But still, it's really good for going around town.