22nd Apr 2007, 11:09

Could anyone please tell me how to derestrict the rs12 blaster as it comes from new?


26th Apr 2007, 12:55

I have just bought a RS12 Blaster, how do I de-restrict it? And where do I buy the parts?

26th Apr 2007, 17:16

The guy who wrote the comment about hitting 70mph. Could you let me know what upgrades you have installed on your RS12? I have just bought one and would like to do the same. Please help me go faster!

8th May 2007, 06:19

My blaster has just clicked over 10000 kilometers. Not one problem. Have ridden in temps from -2 degrees up to 45 degrees without any issues. Went over the 5000 kilometre service by 2000 kilometres without any issues. I weigh 104 kilograms, so it has to work hard.

Take it on a highway everyday, and it has to do 80-85 kilometres per hour for large stretches.

I am up-grading the mechanicals to Malossi parts next week to get more top end speed and acceleration.

My only gripe with the scooter is the hopeless headlight and the under-seat storage area (or lack of it).

My mate has an identical Blaster. His is good, but not as good as mine. Has broken down twice in 10000 kilometres. His does lots of short runs. I can only guess that my scooter doing large high speed trips is good for it.

Maybe I got a freak scooter!

8th May 2007, 16:29

Help, my son has a blaster and it's got problems, one of which we cannot cure. It starts OK, then runs terribly, slowing down at the slightest slope. It gurgles like there's water somewhere, and it has a top speed of not a lot.

Please help.

One cheesed off dad.

11th May 2007, 14:21

Hi, I'm 16 years of age and looking to get a Peugeot Blaster/Snake/Ludix, but not sure if it is the bike for me? Wondering if anyone could give me any hints to whether it is or not?

Many thanks.

20th May 2007, 17:45

Hi, I have had my rs12 for about 6 months and it has not broke down once!! I am going 75 mph with all modifications on it like sports exhaust, carbon fibre front light, C.F kick start, C.F grips, even a carbon fibre body kit. I also have other accessories like Lexus back light, so it is all looking good and when these are done up, they are THE BOMB =) And better yet, I still haven't fallen off.

P.s Does anyone know where to get a 12" side stand for this bike?


20th May 2007, 18:02

Hi, me again, if anyone is looking to "do" up their RS12, here is a website with loads of cheap and eye catching items! Check it out!


24th May 2007, 08:32

Got a Ludix Techno 50cc last year. I have de-restricted the exhaust, which is a Leo Vince hand made TT. I get a good 45mph out of it. Soon to be fully de-restricted.

I've had no problems with it, other than it over heats a lot. I think the problem occurs because the scooter is the air cooled version. Does anyone know how to convert air cooled to liquid cooled, and how much would it cost, and what parts I would need?

Please email me at ben_l_90@hotmail.com

Thank you in advance.

24th May 2007, 10:03

Ludix Techno.

I have noticed my Ludix has poor fuel consumption due to a split fuel pipe. Is this a common problem?


www.scooter-center.com (German, but change language and currency)

Two great tuning site for peds.

25th May 2007, 07:25

Anyone looking to de-restrict their scooter themselves; DON'T DO IT! Take it to your local Peugeot dealer and they will do it for you for around 40 pounds.

If you have knowledge with engineering and mechanics, then you can give it a go.

Restricters are located.

CDI unit - attached to the battery casing (replace with de-restricted CDI unit from www.scooter-center.com)

Exhaust - a small pipe off the exhaust metal connector attached to pipe and rubber the rest of the way (pull the pipe off and cramp the metal connection. Leave pipe in engine bay).

Other one in exhaust - some may have a restricted flow control in the connection for the pipe (a metal plate slops inwards may be welded); grind that plate out.

Unknown restrictions.

These are restricters that I have been told about, but not seen.

- Variator

- Clutch

- Belt being too thick? No idea

- Carburettor

- Air filter

If you want my advice, take it to a shop and get it done.

2nd Jun 2007, 11:05

Hi, I want buy Blaster, but I haven't seen one in my town. How much does a Blaster cost?

4th Jun 2007, 15:52

Hi, me again, the 16 year old who just brought a Peugeot "10" Blaster 3005 model. It was a BARGAIN and came with two stands; a side stand and double neon's, carbon fibre indicators, brake lights, and de-restricted standard sports pipe.

I haven't rode it on road yet, but hit 35mph in my garden. Got it all for £630, basically brand new. Very quick pull off for a 50cc.

Does anyone know anywhere where I can get a front panel with two headlights instead of one?

Many thanks


5th Jun 2007, 10:05

The blaster costs 1399 I think; I'm hoping to get one.

Does anyone know what is faster out of the Ludix Blaster, a Speedfight 2 'motorsport' 50 and a Jetforce c-tech 50?

I went to a dealer today to have a look and can't make my mind up on looks so, stock (but derestricted), which is the fastest, as apparently they are all liquid cooled engines and all that?


6th Jun 2007, 16:40

I've owned my rs12 for 3 months now. I've derestricted it, and I'm doing just under 50mph. Does anyone know how fast they actually go with the right mods? Please state what mods they are.

11th Jun 2007, 15:30

The Peugeot Blaster 10 (with 10 inch wheels) is £1399. The rs12 is £1599. The fastest scooter out of the Blaster, Speedfight and Jetforce c-tech is the Blaster. The Blaster comes with 6.2hp as the others come with 4-5hp.


15th Jun 2007, 11:39

Hi, does anyone know the original weight of the rollers that can be found inside the variator, due to replacing the original with heavier rollers?


19th Jun 2007, 17:02

Hi, me again; still 16 and passed my C.B.T today. I've been hitting 45-50, and my bike is not de-restricted. I'm planning to de-restrict it, and add rollers to my Peugeot Ludix Blaster 2005. I've been leaving a Gilera DNA, but can't seem to hack my mate's Typhoon...

I'm pleased with the bike so far, and hope to get more speed out of the top end.

28th Jun 2007, 06:09

I had my 2005 blaster for 18 months and did 3,500 miles (around 5600 km), and it had not one problem. I never de-restricted it though, as this can sometimes mess with it, and I was only going around town to rugby and work, but now it has been written off as someone hit into me!

But back to the point; 5600km with no servicing is not bad!?!? The author of this thread could possibly have had THE worst Blaster ever?

30th Jun 2007, 17:13

Well I'm back still 16 years old and have been inches from death...:o

It all started on the 30th June 2007; going along main road at 50 miles per hour and coming up to traffic lights, and my throttle gets stuck on... had to run a set of red lights, and then I come up to humps. I'm hitting the humps at 50 miles per hour, plus not able to have control of the bike until I turned the whole bike off from the ignition...

I'm taking the bike to the garage tomorrow to see what the problem is. The bike is a Peugeot Ludix Blaster 2005 model.