17th Jul 2009, 19:27

Hi, I've owned the Blaster RS-12 for 1000km now, taking it to just over 5000km.

Great fast little bike, easily beats other standard de-restricted scooters at acceleration and top speed. Up hills can keep speed very well in comparison to others. Suspension is extremely stiff. Had a few problems that have been resolved with the bike, but now I am onto the current problem.

I have had a leaking hot water pipe coming from the left radiator at the top end. But not only was there leaking, the pipe had ballooned and expanded in diameter and become very soft. Peugeot had never experienced anything like this and I had to wait 5 weeks before the part came from France (I live in the UK) which was under warranty, but was terrible service to say it was down as urgent. I continued to use the bike with the ballooned pipe, but very modestly as I needed to for work.

Eventually after 4 weeks and 6 days, I went into a shop, came out about a minute later and the water pipe had burst and made a huge mess, leaving me stranded. Luckily for me, the engine had not seized because it was turned off at the time the pipe had burst. Also the pipe arrived the next day which was fitted and all seemed well.

Now, after re-filling with coolant and topping up when the air has come out of the system, I have come across a strange problem. When I come to use the bike, the coolant it at the correct level, but after using the bike for a while and coming back home, the coolant is half empty. I left the bike until the next day, and the coolant was still half empty with no signs of leaking, so where has the coolant gone? I decided to slowly take off the coolant tank lid and there was a hissing sound as if the engine/coolant was still hot, and the coolant level returned to normal. This has happened 2 days in a row now. I will check in at my dealer tomorrow because it seems that the lid is not releasing pressure when it should be and may be forcing the pressure elsewhere, which may be the cause of expanding pipes. Hopefully this will be sorted with a change of lid for the coolant tank. If this does not solve it, then there is a serious problem with the bike.

Also, one other question: Is the left radiator meant to be noticeably hotter than the right radiator? I have only recently noticed this, so do not know if this is normal.

I will update tomorrow after checking in at my dealer.

Thanks in advance, Stu.

16th Aug 2009, 17:16

Hi, I have a 57 plate Ludix Blaster RS12 R Cup.

It had done about 4500km when I bought it and I have covered about 1000km on it. I have to date not had any problems with it at all apart from the little pipe coming off the exhaust keeps blowing.

I've read reviews saying you can get extra performance out of the scoot if you crimp the pipe. Am I best doing this, keeping on replacing the pipe or just getting a sports exhaust? If my best bet is a sports exhaust, which one do people recommend and what weight rollers should I use? My ped is derestricted I believe as it sits easily at 45, and pushes up and over 50 when it wants to.

Any response would be appreciated.


3rd Sep 2009, 07:09

Hi my little brother has this moped, when we purchased it, it worked fine, but now all it will do is tick over. I think it's the spark plugs, but I don't know where they are, what they look like or how to get to them. Any help would be appreciated greatly, as he needs it for college tomorrow.

Email me on Burial_dog_27@hotmail.co.uk

27th Sep 2010, 13:50

I just got the Ludix Blaster 50, and it's one of the fastest peds around here. Even all the Areoxs with 70 kits can't keep up with it.

If you want your Blaster to get quicker, get bigger jets and a Leo & Vince ZX exhaust. It comes with new rollers and clutch springs. I can get 75+ out of mine easy.

19th Oct 2010, 06:42

All of these people claiming to get 70-75 from a 50; it not believable. I've just bought one with a 70 kit and the works done to it; it hits about 70, and on a ped that's scary. Lightning quick acceleration is what you want, so bang in some lightweight rollers, and you'll be smiling for ages haha :p.

24th Oct 2010, 04:32

Hi, well I gotta Ludix Blaster 55 plate with a LeoVince TT pipe, 70cc Polini kit, had engine rebuild when I had the 70 kit put on about 1000 miles ago, and now I'm leaving my mate's SR125 and pulling away from my mate's 172 Runner until 30 mph.

23rd Nov 2010, 18:07

Beating an SR125 and pulling away from a Gilera Runner 172 until 30; are you having a laugh? You ain't got no chance of touching either on a Blaster, but the Blaster is a good overall scooter.

19th Dec 2010, 06:08

Hi there.

I have a problem with my 2008 Peugeot Blaster RS12 Cup, can anyone help? The bike started to splutter and was nearly cutting out. I took the spark plug out, there was no spark, but the plug looks OK, eg plenty of electrode as it is 2 months old.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Peter.

15th Apr 2011, 15:42

I've got a Peugeot Ludix Blaster, and my mate clocked me at about 55-60 mph, and it's only been derestricted and had a sports exhaust.

15th Apr 2011, 15:57

Hi there, has anybody replied, telling you what's wrong with your moped, because I have the same problem with mine.

If you could reply, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

22nd Jan 2012, 09:30

Check that the magneto (can't spell) copper plates have good contact and are clean, and go to a bike garage and buy new transmission rollers, this makes a huge difference. Until I changed mine, my bike went from first to last gear, so the rollers were crap :P Check the spark plug cap too :)

10th May 2012, 10:16

Hi. Sounds to me like it could be the reed valve block. Remove the air filter and carburetor. The rubber inlet manifold is held on with 4 bolts. Remove that and the reed block should come out with it. Check and replace it if it appears burnt out or broken. They're only about a tenner off eBay. Just be careful not to snap the bolts that hold the manifold and reed block in place, as it can be a pain if they snap.

10th Jul 2012, 18:10

Hi Stu. I think it's possible that you may have a head gasket issue. A pressurized coolant system could indicate that the head gasket is leaking air from the cylinder and pressurizing the coolant system, and also, this would explain where your coolant is going. It's going into the cylinder and being spat out of the exhaust system. Deffo a good place to start IMO.

21st Apr 2013, 10:06

You need to get a gear up kit to give it a higher top speed. I did the whole 70 kit exhaust etc exercise, and it made it a lot quicker at accelerating, but it was only when I did the gear up kit that the top speed noticeably increased. I rode it around for about a year before I realised why I couldn't get the higher speeds that some other people had claimed. So in short, you are actually wrong, these speeds are possible, but it's all to do with gear ratios.

10th Feb 2016, 20:15

I would also like to know where to get them.

17th Jan 2017, 23:03

Where to get the transmission gear set?

24th Nov 2017, 19:02

My Ludix Blaster 10 LC doesn't have spark and the red stop light is on as well; any ideas what it could be?

11th Mar 2020, 18:24

Mate, honestly the same, it's just superb. It surprises my mates with how fast it is.