17th Jul 2007, 15:05

Hi there.

I've had a Ludix Blaster RS12 since Xmas. I got it de-restricted after 1000km, and a week later had to take it back for a diff jet in the carb, cause they got it wrong.

A few weeks after that, my float bowl was blocked and I was charged 80 quid to get it fixed.

Then I put a racing exhaust on it and the cylinder seized!!!

ANYONE WHO CLAIMS A TOP SPEED OF OVER 65 IS WRONG!!!... I had to put a Polini 70cc kit in it that puts out 15bhp. It goes like stink, but nowhere near 70-75 mph.

I changed the rollers for 10 gm, cause the acceleration was enough to throw you off if you weren't paying attention. I kept up with 80cc motocross bikes, then, my crank bearings went, changed them and 3 days later the crank went. I replaced that, started the bike and it reversed. I took it to my dealer and they had no idea what it was that was reversing the transmission. Somehow managed to fix it, and now it will not start, no spark, nothing; cdi is fine, coil is fine, ht cap is fine, BUT no power to the plugs, the electric start will not work, and the kickstart will not work either.

I was told that the bike relies on its electrical system for the electronic oil pump, and if this does not work, the bike will not spark. Has anyone heard about this?...

Anyway, for what was made out to be the best scooter in years, this has been the biggest letdown in years. I will not buy another bike from Peugeot, and will be complaining about the bike.

Also the dealer would not fix anything, as they said when I had it de-restricted BY THEM, that the warranty was no longer valid.


Cole Gaffney

23rd Jul 2007, 14:32

I just got a new race exhaust, and got my bike de-restricted. I got 65-70mph out of it down a bypass. Is there any way to make it any quicker?


17th Aug 2007, 19:28

Hi, I am writing in reply of the man whose bike would not get a spark and won't start. I had the same problem; I had to clean out my carb, change the fuse near the battery, and fiddle about with the electrics. After that it was as good as new.

Hope my advice has helped.


28th Aug 2007, 15:55

Hi, I got my Peugeot Ludix "10" Blaster at the beginning of the month, and have just started to ride it.

I'm 16, and have never ridden a bike before now, and I think the Blaster is AMAZING.

It came with a 100 pound sports exhaust fitted, and it's in mint condition!

I got mine for £550!

No problems so far!

Pulls off just as fast as my mate's 2006 Jetforce!


I would STRONGLY recommend. =)

21st Sep 2007, 18:02

I'm planning to buy a brand new Peugeot Blaster RS12. Should I buy it or not?

25th Sep 2007, 17:05

Heya, I've got a Blaster RS12 and I was wondering does anyone know where I can get the radiator cover plastics from, because mine is scratched; it's the plastics that cover the radiator.

Thanks, Jamo.

19th Dec 2007, 20:46

I've got a rcup blaster with Drapper fully illegal exhaust. Don't get the TT ones. My mate's got the same bike as me with a TT exhaust and mine leaves it for dead. Get a Drapper.

20th Dec 2007, 18:09

OMG, what did you people do to my review?! :- ( ( (

It's me, the author of the review. What's all this "where can I get this, where I can get that"?!?

This is supposed to be a survey of what is happening to the vehicle, is it OK, is it broken, why, how was it solved etc.

Anyway, to continue about the awful build quality of the Peugeot Ludix Blaster 50ccm Liquid Cooled.

Warranty expired, got the last things fixed:

- horn did not work.

- stander broke down completely, the scoot barely stood on it's own.

- the thermometer was still showing the exact same temperature, the dial did not move whether the engine was hot or cold.

Fortunately, since I was in the service shop for like 10~15 times with this scooter, and gone over there repeatedly for the same problem over and over, finally they decided to fix everything.

The thermometer had a faulty sensor, horn had dirty contacts and the stander was generally fixed up (you have to change it for a new one, but they fixed it for us).

I don't remember if I wrote they even changed the odometer, the control table that is. Now I have ~180km when the scoot actually has over 12500km hahaha! Such amateurs those service guys...

I changed the vario belt, rollers and the spar kplug a few hundred km-s ago, now the scoot is very nice to ride.

That's it for now.

I still wouldn't buy a completely new model ever again (only if it's been on the market for at least half a year).

30th Dec 2007, 13:06

I work on scooters, and the centre stands break because people keep sitting on the bike chatting to mates, or pull the bike on the stand without getting off it. If you use the bike as intended, they are pretty damn good.

I have just bought an 07 Ludix Blaster RS12 for £195 stolen recovered. Best £195 I ever spent. When I fix the damage the kids have done to it, I shall tune it right up. They are great little bikes, and looked after will go on for years.

18th Jan 2008, 17:17

I have had the Blaster RS12 for 6 months now, and so far the front brake does not work, it doesn't start electrically, indicators rage out, turn on and off when they want to, mud guard screws have fallen out, but I replaced them. And they possibly have the worst wheels for wet conditions.

I have crashed it once and cracked the front panel where the light is, but that's my own fault.

To be honest it is a lovely bike and it is nice when it is dry, but if I could choose all over again, I would wait to get a 125 because it is too much for its money.

Also what would you recommend for a used price if the problems have been resolved?

30th Jan 2008, 10:10

Re: Centre Stands breaking. I run a training school that uses Ludix Elegance scooters. Some are still restricted (for 16 year olds) and some are not. The centre stand has broken (or is just about to) on all of them. We don't let our customers mistreat them as described in an earlier post. The problem is the lever on the left hand side that you put your foot on is too weak. The metal bends and eventually snaps. The legs of the stand are fine, just the lever for your foot.

8th Feb 2008, 13:45

Hi, I've had my Blaster for a year now, selling it and getting a car.

Overall it has been a good little bike. Bought it for £1500 on an 07 brand new. Got it de-restricted when I had done 500 miles.

I was getting 50 all day long, and 40 up hills, and the occasional 65 on a carriageway when it wants to move, but due to my research I have discovered a few problems...

The mudguard screws tend to come out very easy, so you find yourself constantly replacing them.

The exhaust gets very hot and rusts extremely easy, which is an eyesore...

The mirrors come slack very easy; you may as well not have a boot, it is that small; just enough space to fit a box of cigarettes, and when you first start it the acceleration is red hot, but tends to die after about 15 minutes of driving it.

Like someone said, not a scooter for the wet; I found myself coming off doing 50mph round a roundabout (lucky to come away with a few bumps and scrapes), but all in all it's the best scooter I've ridden.

It just has its minor faults, which gets on your nerves, and performance wise I would recommend putting a Doppler Powerpipe on; you can get them from www.adrenalin-pedstop.co.uk, but make sure you de-restrict it before installing it. You can also get a Doppler chrome air filter from there, which looks very sporty and increases the performance and stops the bike sounding like a hairdryer.

You can purchase a boots bottle, which increases your fuel to air intake, giving the scooter a little boost at the push of a button, and I would recommend getting Lexus rear lights installed instead of the standard; they're a bit plain. Also carbon fibre look alike indicators, and a pair of Michelin tyres.

After tackling the Blaster's minor faults, and taking time and effort to purchase the right performance upgrades, the Blaster is definitely the one to leave your friend miles behind and turn the heads of others. All in all, not a bad little ped ;)