2006 Peugeot Prost Speedfight 2 50cc LC from United Kingdom


It's a good looking scooter


* It sounds like a hoover

* It's a bit slow

* My seats a bit wobbly.

General Comments:

How can I make my speed-fight 50cc sound more decent instead of like a hoover?

I'm only 16 and my parents would kill me if I did anything to it that would make my insurance void.

Can anybody help?

xx Sarah xx

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2006

5th Oct 2006, 13:19

Drill a tiny hole into the exhaust muffler, use a small drill bit. I had the same problem, and I drilled the pipe underneath, so my parents would not notice. Let me know how you get on.

25th Nov 2006, 18:51

Put a power pipe on it my Speedfight 2 is doing over 60mph with a twin turbokit exhaust.

2001 Peugeot Prost Speedfight 2 50cc LC from United Kingdom


As close to perfect as possible!


Electric start starter motor failed.

Kick start broke.

Brakes got stuck about 3/4 on when I was over 5 miles from my home, so I thought I'd try and drive home, which eventually lead to the front brake pads catching fire! (luckily it was a hot day, so I had a bottle of water in the boot) - new brake pads, calipers were fine!

Rectifier/regulator failed and blew both front lights (£23 each!), tacho lights and rear light.

Rollers stopped rolling.

Drive belt snapped.

General Comments:

My bike is a Prost Sport Edition, which means front & back discs, shiny steel foot-plates, and it's liquid cooled. Also included was stupid bright red mirrors!

This bike is great, the acceleration is unparralleled by my friend's bikes (standard Speedfight 2 50, Katanya 50 & Vivacity Sport 50), and I have made no modifications to it.

Handles lovely, very predictable at the limit, also has much heavier/more feedback steering than the standard Speedfight 2 & Katana.

Braking is also very good with front & back disc brakes.

It sounds a lot better than the others too, they sound like supercharged Dysons, but mine's quite beefy at idle.

Is derestricted and can do about 55mph on a flat, tucked in with the wind behind (have got 65 down hill though!)

I have only had the bike about half a year and quite a few things have gone wrong, but I believe this is only because I go everywhere at 55ish and it gets used to take me fishing, about a mile drive off road (actually does it with ease).

Fuel consumption is very poor, I get about 25 to 30km per full tank!

Only problem I found with the dealer is expense e.g £23 per front light, also wanted me to pay £100 for a USED exhaust, and finally I was quoted £450 for a new full plastic set!

My dad had the bike for 3 years before me to take him to work and back, (about 1.5km there and back - hence the low mileage when I got it!)

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2005

27th Feb 2007, 10:44

It seems to me pal that you have a fuel tank problem possibly a leak. I have the same scooter and on a full £6 of fuel I can get over 160 miles out of it, which is amazing!, I've had mine derestricted and also put on a Technigas speed race pipe and it now goes faster than my mate's 125 =) Happy scooting!