2003 Piaggio X9 500 from United Kingdom


A reliable workhorse


No faults to date.

General Comments:

The Piaggio X9 500 SL is a great workhorse, I've ridden mine everyday for the past 2 years. A great commuter, a great tourer, and a reliable machine in my view.

I ride mine back and for to work every day, a round trip of 40 miles, and it manages to exceed motorway speeds without any difficulty. The storage room is very good and augmented by the cavernous top box.

I've taken it on long distance trips, 600 miles in a weekend, and it coped magnificently!

Best all rounder I've ever had!!

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Review Date: 20th November, 2005

2005 Piaggio X9 500 from United States of America


Excellent ride for a cruiser to / from work, I love it!


Nothing mechanical yet, only 1400 miles.

Batteries on handheld seat opening transmitter went dead, but I replaced them myself for $6.

General Comments:

Very fast, over 100 mph, accelerates well.

Handles well in traffic.

Brakes very well, stops straight and true.

A bit top heavy for turning on local streets, but cruises very well on the highway, and is very stable in wind.

The windshield could be slightly higher to block the wind.

The seat is very comfortable, but could use more padding under the driver for bumps.

Gets lots of looks/inquiries, great looking design/color.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2005

2003 Piaggio X9 500 from United Kingdom


You don't have to be old to drive one!


Head bearings - showing signs of wear at 15k.

Silencer started to show signs of corrosion at 6k

(latest models now have s/s silencers...)

Built in radio reception is poor - needs a proper car aerial.

General Comments:

Astonishingly effective protection from weather, and capacious storage, make the X9 an able UK or trans-European tourer, as well as a nippy commuter.

Happy at 90mph all day driving, and fun in the twisties as well - the automatic transmission comes into its own in traffic.

Friendly and experienced owners clubs in the UK and in Europe are a great asset.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2005

2002 Piaggio X9 500 from United Kingdom


I wish I had never bought it


Engine seize - twice.

Dashboard replaced twice.

Centre stand power unit replaced twice.

Battery charging problems.

Heated grips broken.

Top box catch broken.

Seat catch broken twice.

Petrol leaks.

Oil leaks.

General Comments:

A serious waste of money.


Ridiculous service costs.

Poor manufacturer back-up.

Poor parts distribution.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2005

28th Nov 2005, 13:02

It's good to see comments like this, I also told the truth in a certain *9 forum and had my comment edited because it didn't conform to the blinkered views of the X9 disciples, and yes, that ridiculous digi-dash!

24th Jul 2008, 17:13

Well I had a 53 model, apart the centre stand playing up a few times (well they do don't they) and a broken center stand, just kinda snapped off when when I went to lift the bike up one day. I even took it to France for a few days.

I enjoyed every moment I had the bike, it was brilliant and performed well beyond my expectations. Of course it had to be "serviced" now and again, so I had to manage without it sometimes.

However one day I "met" a post office van in the middle of a narrow country lane, the van "won" and I "lost" my bike the X9!

Funny thing about plastic panels, they don't like collisions!

So it was deemed a "write-off", gotta good settlement, bought Burgy 250 runabout, even took my mate up to Hull from Wales on it.

Then I sold it (2 months later) and bought a Mondeo estate, happy days!

21st Aug 2008, 21:20

I have an 06 XR 500 engine blown at 13,000 miles. Yes, had it serviced by dealer every time the manual said too!

2003 Piaggio X9 500 from United Kingdom


Very comfortable, very fast, very dangerous


Nothing went wrong in the three months I owned it, but then I doubt I really gave it time.

General Comments:

In my second bike I was looking for something to continue the commuting capability of my little Typhoon, but something that was also capable of being ridden in place of driving the car at the weekends.

I knew pretty well instantly when I did my bike test that I was never going to get used to manual gear-change after two years of scootering, so a big auto bike was the only option, and after finding a Silverwing uncomfortable, I went for this.

First the good points - it was fantastically comfortable, blisteringly quick (for a scooter), almost as easy to handle as my little Typhoon (though it coudln't quite get in the same gaps) and it had a vast array of gadgetary (including an automatic centre stand for goodness sake). Fuel economy was okay, in the 50's round town.

There was only one bad point, but in the end it proved fatal, and that was the fact it was a bit top-heavy and the wheels weren't quite big enough for the weight (190kg unladen on 14's).

One day another bike did an emergency stop in front of me when an old lady stepped out into the the road without warning. I swerved to avoid going into the back of him and the bike went over - and that's when the bike's other fault became apparent - all that fancy plastic work on the side didn't actually contain anything as rigid as crash protection. End of bike with all of one side ripped off.

(End of my right boot as well, the only thing that prevented it being the end of my right foot according to the paramedics).

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Review Date: 29th December, 2004

20th Nov 2005, 10:08

Any bike/scooter when dumped will sustain damage. Everyone knows a scooter is pretty, but will sustain lots of damage in a wreck. That's the price you pay for pretty. Better thing is to drive more aware so you aren't put in situations like this... sorry you wrecked the X9, mine, thank God, is still in one piece...