2001 Rieju RS1 Evolution from United Kingdom


A light and nimble bike that you can throw around the corners


The piston blew at 16500km (10250 miles). This required a rebuild, that cost £40 (fixed ourselves).

The bike was not charging the battery while riding, therefore the regulator/rectifier had to be replaced.

There is lots of wear to the top yoke, where my keys have scratched it. I advise you cover this area with carbon fiber sheeting etc.

The rev counter, which is electronic, doesn't always work.

General Comments:

The bike starts every time on the button, cold or warm.

Although original parts are hard to get hold, the bike shares the same engine as the Aprilia RS50, Motorhispania RX50, so these parts are accessible.

Make sure you look after the plastics, as they can be hard/expensive to replace.

The bike corners very well, and easily accepts it when you throw it around roundabouts.

The top speed of the bike is indicated as 60 mph on the speedo.

I advise you to purchase a sports exhaust for this bike as I greatly improves the acceleration. I have the Fasmem duo/duplo.

Although I have stated a few problems with this bike, this are mainly the responsibility of the previous owners. If you care for the bike, good oil, not ragging it, I'm sure it will be reliable.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2005

25th Oct 2008, 07:19

Hi, I have a Rieju RS1 Evolution, and I need a new regulator. Do you know where I can buy one from?