15th Feb 2008, 04:02

I got a 350 cc 5 speed machismo and I love it. True, some engineering shortcomings have come in, I presume that is to cut down on costs - e.g. engine oil spillage occurs at higher rpms on the air filter in the tool box.

The bike runs great after I got a new carb (spaco) replacing the stock mikuni and replaced the stock (long) muffler with a modd one. It now gets up to 120 kph in fifth gear with ease. It's awesome to own, but a bit of technical inclination is a pre requisite, AND it's not for boys to own.

It really feels like 'Built like a Gun, Goes like a Bullet.'

Anirban Pal



22nd May 2008, 18:12

My gorgeous Llady bought me a new 350 Bullet for my birthday last year, and although I have had some great bikes in the past, the Bullet attracts more attention than anything else I've ever had, including a metalflake purple Thunderbird 650 Tribsa, old school chop!

I love this bike; doing 50-60 mph on an English country road on a beautiful day is like nothing else on Earth! Get one NOW!!!!

17th Nov 2008, 09:37

Holy molly!!!

You said 40hp??? Tell us how how how?

Can you as well tell us what is the fuel consumption after this modification.

The 500 can go around 120kmph, but with this kind of mods what is the top speed you can achieve comfortably? Also do comment on the reliability issues after these mods.



6th Dec 2008, 02:44

I rode my bike across Russia from Vladivostok to Edinburgh in Scotland, starting in May 2008 and ending in July 2008. I don't have much mechanical aptitude but could keep it going. Wherever I ran out of knowledge and ability, I asked around and there was always someone there to help along the way.

Any bike is capable of that journey. Google 'Bullet to Scotland' for detailed info and pics.

Just get on with it and enjoy the journey. The best riding days were on those kinds of roads where 80 kmh was maximum speed, just like the Bullet was designed for in the 1950's.

26th Apr 2009, 15:45

I recently purchased a used a late model Royal Enfield Deluxe, and have been extremely disappointed with it. I can't keep up with the repairs on it, and have worked on it dozens of hours to ride it less than one hour in the three month period since I bought it.

I could not in good conscience recommend anything made by Royal Enfield. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of them, if you are now trying to decide what kind of bike to buy. Even if you "like" working on bikes, get something you can enjoy, rather than worry about its mechanical integrity all the time you are riding, usually in fear of wandering farther from your house than you are willing or able to push it back.

23rd May 2009, 10:31

I owned a new 500 Bullet "deluxe", in 1996, before the "Royal" crept back into the name. The Indian-made main fuse conked out at the end of my 15km trip home. I replaced it with a quality German-made fuse for under $1 and then rode it for 35000km without it ever breaking down or ever spending a cent more than on routine servicing, tyres and a new chain.

It's a damned good ride-to-work motorcycle and a decent tourer, as long as you are sightseeing your way around the country at a leisurely 100km/h (60mph) for about 200km (120miles) at a time. Then it's perfect.

23rd Jul 2009, 06:01

I enjoy riding my 96 500cc classic here in Papua New Guinea.

Want for no other bike (apart from a Black Shadow maybe :) )

Really happy with the Bullet, and continually making mods, improvements and adding bling.

Enjoy your Bullet.

10th Sep 2009, 08:29

Without a car in March this year to commute to work, I reluctantly began to use my 500 Electra X (2006). It is 30 miles (48Km) each way, part A road (A20), part motorway (M20). It has done 11000 miles (17000Km) so far - 8600 miles (13800km) this year.

I have fitted more upright/forward hbars and a bar-end mirror. I am 6 foot 2 and needed a little more room.

No other mods!


Rear light fell off - saved by the wires.

Tank nut lost - frightening knocking noise at 60mph!

Petrol filler cap leaks.

Headlamp aim is nonadjustable!

Foot brake lever scrapes too easily.

Uncomfortable ride over bumps.

White smoke from exhaust started last week.


Average 80mpg.

Engine looks great.

Smooth at 60mph after fitting O ring heavy duty chain.

The A20 is single lane traffic, passing a lorry store and farms all the way. My speed ranges from 30 to 65 mph (indicated). The motorway is 3-lane with many lorries. Speed ranges from 60 to 70mph for overtaking.

I dream sometimes of fitting a 500 engine into a bigger frame to fit me, with better forks.

Would I buy another: Yes

Most fun ever on a bike: 1982 XT550

Bike I miss the most: 1972 Norton Commando 750.


Kent, UK.

21st Nov 2009, 18:58


I am one of the RE lover. I have L535 that I got from India in July 2002 and I got home (Sultanate of Oman) in 2009.

It runs very well over here, I did 140kmph. I do care about it and maintenance is very easy to do.

So, if anyone has an RE in Oman, we could share our moments.

For now wish you happy thumping.


19th Dec 2009, 04:51

Hi Hamood.

What's up?

Dude, can you please tell me how you brought your RE to Oman. I would like to bring one for myself, Pls assist.

15th Apr 2010, 04:02


It is not that difficult to get.. just mainly you have to finish the formalities in India..

keep up dating on my email @ al_omani2020@yahoo.com

3rd Jun 2010, 03:54

Hey nice to read all the comments here. I own Bullet, Electra 350. I just enjoy the ride every day, it is just great to take the bike through Himalayan roads with greenery all around.

Happy thumping from Nepal.

10th Nov 2011, 02:55

Hey Hamood,

I live in Oman, been planning on a getting a bike here from a long long time.

Basically I am an Indian, & love Enfields!

My only concern is - since you have been riding here - is the bike too small / vulnerable for Oman roads?

I'd love to see your bike.

Good day ahead, and of course - Happy Thumping!! :D.

5th Jun 2014, 13:10

Hey Humberto.

You must just about be ready to trade yours up and look to selling your old bike :)


2nd Oct 2019, 18:26

Bit late to the party, but almost two years ago, as a retirement present to myself, I got myself a 2005 Bullet 500ES in the "Battle Green" Military trim with metal panniers and all that.

It's had common issues with the crankcase breather clogging, electric start losing its sprag clutch and the odd broken cable, but no real deal killers in the 10,000 or so miles I've put on her. She's a great little tourer if you don't mind poking along at about 55 mph (about 90 kmh). You'd better be a "people person", because hardly any other bike will get as much attention. If you've ever owned an old British bike, as I have (Nortons), then maintenance is no issue.