2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50 SE from United States of America




The only complaint is the bike was spitting like a Harley LOL, but the dealer fixed that problem right away; it was a gasket in the exhaust.

General Comments:

This bike is awesome!!! Handles great around turns, cruises wonderful. Also has enough get up and go.

I just love it < I did a lot of research for 2 years after owning a Harley, and knew this was my next bike for the money. Love the fuel injection and it's a lot of bike for the $$$$$.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2007

27th Sep 2015, 21:45

I'm looking to find out how many miles I can expect to get on the original clutch on my 2006 C50t? It's working fine now at 27,000 miles, and I'll be doing an adjustment on it shortly.

2006 Suzuki Boulevard C50 SE from Canada


Great value


Couldn't start the bike 2 days after I picked it up. The starter switch had to be replaced. The dealer was very quick in servicing the problem.

General Comments:

I recently retired from a Sales/Marketing position. When I was younger I rode a much smaller bike and always had my eye on owning a bigger bike, but never made the plunge. I looked at hundreds of used and new bikes for about a year and finally settled on the Suzuki C50SE, which I purchased new in June 2006.

The three things that sold me on this bike were: the shaft drive, fuel injection, floor boards, the heel/toe shifter and the comfort.

It came with the windshield, leather bags and backrest. Great value for the whole package!

Besides that, it is a great looking bike with lots of power and torque. When they see it, most of my friends think that I invested $20000+ in this bike.

I don’t keep track of the gas consumption, but I can go quite a while on the 15 litre tank.

I love this bike but after getting the feel of riding a big bike this summer, I am considering trading up to perhaps the Suzuki C90 or the M109R model next spring.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2006

15th Mar 2007, 09:00

I bought the exact same bike (June 2005) and had the exact same problem. Only my problem starting in Sep 05 and wasn't resolved until Nov 05. The dealer picked up by bike 3 times at my home because it would not start. They ended up issuing a recall once they figured the problem with my bike.

I still love my bike. Also thought about upgrading to the C90. Currently searching for a bike for my wife.

2nd Apr 2007, 10:41

I bought a new 2006 Suzuki C50T SE last year. The ride is great, as are the power and looks.

The only problem is my casing has been leaking, and the dealer is now in the process of rectifying this.

Would I buy this bike again? So far, definitely.

14th Apr 2007, 21:18

Further to my comments of the casing leaking, the dealer has resolved the problem and my bike no longer marks its territory. This c50t se is the best riding bike I have ever owned, and gets many queries. It certainly also helps the ego, and at my age I need all the help I can get.

2nd Sep 2017, 00:08

Unless you are doing a lot of riding over 110 kph, keep the C50. I rode the C50 and the C90, and for back roads and under 100 kph, I like the C50 much better; I found at speeds of 80 or 90 kph, with the C90 it was hard to find the right gear, whereas with the C50 it was no problem.

I just got my second C50 and am loving it. The only problem is with the windshield; I am having trouble with my beard blowing up in my face. The last one I had I did not put the windshield on, and had no problems.

Take the C90 out for a good test ride and go on the types of roads you do most riding on.