1st May 2008, 23:20

I have had my 2007 M50 Limited for several months and 2000 plus miles, and it has been nothing but a pleasure to ride.

No vibration at all in the bike; if you want vibration take a ride on a Harley, then get back on your M50, it will seem like a BMW.

This bike is great around town or on the open road, just waiting to save up a little money to change out the pipes.


27th Jun 2008, 07:37

To all of you who have been having some sort of problems with the M50, I feel your pain:

I just bought a Brand New 08 M50 with 0 miles on the odometer... I have had this bike 1 week exactly today, there are now 400 miles on it. I too have a vibration that's too bad to see out of the mirrors, and as a added bonus the rear suspension feels like it's kicking out on you every time you take a left turn.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my bike, and I came down to it from a 1500 Victory so I know vibration, but this is worse! When it rides right it is great and a pleasure to be on, when it rides loose like it has the last two days it's a scary ordeal.

Good luck to you all, as we all seem to need it!

27th Jun 2008, 12:09

I bought my '07 M50 in Sep, '07 with just over 2,000 miles on it. I'm not sure why it was traded in. I've put 4,500 miles on it. I do notice a slight vibration in the mirrors, but otherwise the bike runs great. I purchased a pair of mesh gloves for summertime riding (ICON Tarmac 2.0) - They have a padded palm and are extremely comfortable in hot weather. One unexpected benefit is that while riding with these gloves, the vibration is significantly reduced and the image in the mirror appears much clearer.

18th Aug 2008, 07:00

I have an M50. I just put new tires on it, had a little vibration. After putting the new tires on it, the vibration got worse. I took it back to the dealer, they rode it, said they felt nothing. If anybody finds out something, let me know please.

p.s. does anybody think the tire could be out of round? It looks a little funny when riding behind it. I had a friend ride while I was behind; it looked a little out of round. Do you think that could be the problem?

13th Sep 2008, 01:10

I currently have a 2007 M50 Limited with close to 12k miles on it. 1st rear tire lasted 8200 miles and the front tire lasted 11.5k miles. I haven't had any vibrations with the exception of the handle bar end coming off and having hand numbing vibration (handle bar ends are weighted for vibration dampening).

The only complaint I have had is after the 7500 mile valve service, I have this clicking noise and from which I have been told by 3 separate shops is a normal characteristic of the bike's engine. The valves were tight and they loosened them up, but still within spec.

Other than that I love the bike. Just got some Tour Master Core-tech side bags for it too!

30th Sep 2008, 20:43

I bought a brand new '07 in Feb 08, and love the look and the ride, BUT, the kickstand is spongy. Tonight I parked, put the stand down, started walking to the store & heard a crash. This is the 1st time it has done it on its own, but I also have trouble backing it up (I'm 5' and have difficulty maneuvering bike out of the garage) & the stand doesn't feel secure. Any thoughts or suggestions? I can't keep dropping it!