2008 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from New Zealand


Good fun value for money, if you buy new, or low mileage, good condition second hand


Flat batteries.

General Comments:

A little bundle of fun. Plenty of power to cruise in the 100-110 kilometer per hour range. Will top out about 135-145 kilometers per hour.

Braking isn't high tech, but what do you expect from eighties technology. Handles well enough for a sixty eight year old. The OE IRC rear tyre is poor and should be replaced by a better brand as soon as it wears out.

They are something of a butt rivetter, I use an Airhawk seat pad. I've ridden 600 kilometers in one day despite this.

SuzukiSavage.com is very useful if you are doing your own maintenance. I've never touched, or had the servicing dealer touch the chain tensioner. It's light to push backwards into your garage.

It's apparently the least stolen bike in America.

Despite Suzuki's attempts to attract young people, most riders on SuzukiSavage.com are fifty year old plus males.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 8th October, 2017