2015 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from Australia


Serves its purpose well, and it's a blast through the twisties!



General Comments:

Great for an old (70+) fart. Low seat height & low weight. Good fuel economy. Had a couple of glitches with the electrics which were easily sorted (ex-sparky). Home brew screen & rear box make it a great general purpose ride.

Status: Local roads are a mix of ball-bearing gravel & "interesting" bitumen in Western NSW, which have yet to break anything, although it has been bogged!

Air filter needs to be watched.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2018

2014 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from Canada


I like it lot. I would recommend this bike for new/old riders alike


So far, I've had only one issue, squeaky drive belt. Repair was $280.00 Cdn.; seemed high to me.

General Comments:

I really like my S40. I am 5'8", 31 inch leg. This bike hauls my 205 lb. carcass around no problem. I find the size and weight very manageable. The reliability and low maintenance are also appealing.

The initial purchase price was manageable for me, it was previous year stock, so I shaved $800 off, I bought it for $6,200 cdn. all tax included.

So far I'm on the factory supplied battery.

I add Seafoam to the full tank for winter storage; last spring it fired up quickly.

I just got new Michelin Commander 2 tires for it; I can't wait to see how it rolls with those on it. The reviews for those tires are very favorable.

The seat is broken in, not as hard as it was when new. I really like the styling of this bike. It corners and leans very nicely. I also like the quiet exhaust tone. I enjoy the occasional backfire, it adds to the character.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2018

2008 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from New Zealand


Good fun value for money, if you buy new, or low mileage, good condition second hand


Flat batteries.

General Comments:

A little bundle of fun. Plenty of power to cruise in the 100-110 kilometer per hour range. Will top out about 135-145 kilometers per hour.

Braking isn't high tech, but what do you expect from eighties technology. Handles well enough for a sixty eight year old. The OE IRC rear tyre is poor and should be replaced by a better brand as soon as it wears out.

They are something of a butt rivetter, I use an Airhawk seat pad. I've ridden 600 kilometers in one day despite this.

SuzukiSavage.com is very useful if you are doing your own maintenance. I've never touched, or had the servicing dealer touch the chain tensioner. It's light to push backwards into your garage.

It's apparently the least stolen bike in America.

Despite Suzuki's attempts to attract young people, most riders on SuzukiSavage.com are fifty year old plus males.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2017

2007 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from Canada


Cheap crap foisted on the unknowing


Batteries die young.

Warped brake discs.

Bent brackets from the factory.

General Comments:

An accident waiting to happen. The front end does the "chopper flop" at any time, causing endless lowsides. DO NOT SELL TO NEW RIDERS; they will crash.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2017

29th Sep 2017, 05:21

If you got a 'lemon' from the factory, well, that sucks. But to trash this great bike because of one bad incident (which, by the way, happens to ALL manufacturers now and then), is just making you look unreasonable, since so many experienced and knowledgeable people, including all the major bike mags recommend it and give it high praise for value, performance and reliability. You should get another one or do some reading or hold your tongue, because your review is certainly not convincing anyone...

10th Feb 2018, 18:23

What are you people doing wrong? I have ridden and owned several of these bikes and have never experienced this "chopper flop" that I keep reading about. Are you trying to text with one hand while adjusting the mirrors with the other hand, or what???

The same for those who claim that the bike will only run 70mph. You people do know that the bike isn't a 3 speed, right? At 70 mph you have two more gears left to use.