2007 Suzuki Boulevard S40 from Canada


Cheap crap foisted on the unknowing


Batteries die young.

Warped brake discs.

Bent brackets from the factory.

General Comments:

An accident waiting to happen. The front end does the "chopper flop" at any time, causing endless lowsides. DO NOT SELL TO NEW RIDERS; they will crash.

Would you buy another motorcycle from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 2nd September, 2017

29th Sep 2017, 05:21

If you got a 'lemon' from the factory, well, that sucks. But to trash this great bike because of one bad incident (which, by the way, happens to ALL manufacturers now and then), is just making you look unreasonable, since so many experienced and knowledgeable people, including all the major bike mags recommend it and give it high praise for value, performance and reliability. You should get another one or do some reading or hold your tongue, because your review is certainly not convincing anyone...

10th Feb 2018, 18:23

What are you people doing wrong? I have ridden and owned several of these bikes and have never experienced this "chopper flop" that I keep reading about. Are you trying to text with one hand while adjusting the mirrors with the other hand, or what???

The same for those who claim that the bike will only run 70mph. You people do know that the bike isn't a 3 speed, right? At 70 mph you have two more gears left to use.

10th Jun 2018, 16:37

My sentiments exactly, don't judge everything on one bike. You are probably a beginner or you wouldn't be so harsh on a quality machine.