2005 Suzuki Boulevard S50 from United States of America


A fantastic first bike



General Comments:

I purchased this used bike about 8 weeks ago. It only had 543 miles and was in like new condition.

It is my first bike, but has proven to be a perfect starter bike. It has sufficient power for two riders.

My only disappointment has been the gas mileage. It's getting around 45 and I had hoped for at least 50.

The bike has plenty of power. I can easily leave all the cages at the stop light.

It does require use of the choke until it is adequately warmed up, but that has not proven to be a problem at all.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2008

2005 Suzuki Boulevard S50 from United States of America




I have had no problems whatever with the S50 in 13,000+ miles.

New tires at 10,000 miles, but they would have gone another 2K if I had pushed them. Better safe than sorry (BSTS).

Replace the battery after 3 years. Had no problems it, but then again BSTS.

General Comments:

I think the Suzuki S50 is one of the best bikes I have owned. The closest bike I have owned to the S50 was a 1978 Yamaha XS750.

I started in 1964 on BSA 650 Lightnings and the S50 is my 21st bike. It is by far the most reliable of all the bikes.

The valves were adjusted at the 1st recommended service period, and all oil, coolant and filter changes followed as per the manual.

I found the stock seat a little firm for my 65 year old behind on long trips (200 miles +) and bought a gel seat replacement. I have a fairing type windshield, and take 400 mile round trips on weekends with little discomfort. The footpegs are more under the rider than most cruisers, and that keeps my old back straighter.

My S50 is not as cold natured as some are reporting. I use the choke on cold days for the first mile or two; after that it is OK.

I like the low / no maintenance of the drive shaft.

The S50 is not the best handling bike I have owned, a little top heavy around town, but steady as a rock on the highway. I realize that the fork angle has a lot to do with that. But then it is not meant to be a sports bike.

The acceleration is fantastic for the displacement. My neighbor with a 96 cubic inch Harley and I ride together often, he tried to out accelerate me a couple of weeks ago and could not do it. Of course his bike weighs 750 lbs compared to 443 for the S50. It cruises easily at 80mph and can accelerate for passing to well over 100mph. Top speed I haven’t explored, but it was still accelerating at 105.

I get 50 to 55 mpg around town and highway combined if I don’t get on the throttle, 55 on highway trips. It drops to about 45 mpg if I full throttle accelerate in town.

I have had no problems with the chrome on the exhaust that some are reporting, and no finish problems elsewhere.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2008

2005 Suzuki Boulevard S50 from United States of America


Outstanding value and quality


Nothing went wrong with the bike.

However, I have experienced the same problem as another one of the reviewers. The bike never seems to really get hot and the hesitating at lower RPM's made me call the dealer to ask about it. I thought that something was wrong with the combustion. They told me that an adjustment might have to be made at the 500 miles service.

I would have placed the neutral, coolant temperature and other lights in a more visible position. They are hidden by the handlebar.

I did negotiate a new seat and windshield with the dealer. I really feel that Suzuki could at least provide a more comfortable seat for an otherwise outstanding bike.

General Comments:

I have taken a few trips with the bike with my ridding buddy. I found the S50 amazingly easy to handle.

I love the torque at low RPM'S and the position of the foot pegs. It has been difficult to find a bike that had them closer to the seat. Every manufacturer these days, seem to place them so far forward that it very quickly becomes a stress on the rider's lower back and shoulders. It also allows the rider to use his/her knees to be closer to the bike. I do not use it on freeways, but rather on the beautiful North Carolina country roads. That is where you will discover the great balance the S50 brings to the table.

I really enjoy the drive shaft. It make it very smooth.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2006