2005 Suzuki Boulevard S50 from Canada


Very groovy



General Comments:

The balance and handling are most excellent.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2006

2005 Suzuki Boulevard S50 from United States of America


Great bike for the $!


Loving the look of these new "Intruders", mainly due to the new drag handlebars, and the comfortable feel.

I purchased the S50 this year, 2005. I've had the bike about 1 month and here is some feedback for those shopping.

I am a first time owner of a street bike. Again, the cruiser style and look of this bike is what drew me in. Along with the close out pricing for the 2005 models as they approached the 2006 models.

As a first time street rider, this bike is great. Highly recommended for the beginner or even a seasoned pro needing a lighter bike. It has plenty of torque to get out of the way should that Hummer cross in front of you via a red light not seen.

It is fairly comfortable as far as the riding position, though forward controls are very tempting. The seat must go! It's fine for short trips, but anything beyond 25 miles at a time and your hind parts go numb. I have found that highway travel is going to require a windshield as well. It just physically wears you down at highway speeds fighting to stay in position.

After my first month and the break in miles about done, I'm wishing I had bought a bigger bike. I'm 5 ft 11 in and about 210 lbs. It is just right on the border line. I'm fine with it, but at times it feels a little small for me. Just frame wise, seat height.

Power isn't an issue. Though at 500 miles, I did fail to fight off the urge to push some limits while a Ram Air Trans Am rode my tail. I hammered the throttle, and rapped it out while hunkering over the tank. A brief glance down a few seconds later proved 120mph with the Trans Am right on my afore mentioned hind parts. So, you won't outrun any highway muscle cars, but I never thought I would. Nice to know it can do 120 mph though. It was still climbing as I ran out of road and had to shut it down. The bike made it there pretty quick and easy, but she was leveling off in pull at that speed. So I imagine a top speed of about 125-130 if you had the room.

The only real disappointment has been a crackling of the chrome exhaust. The finish has a crackling type issue that looks bad up close. I'm hoping this will be a warranty issue, though I haven't taken her in yet.

One other thing is she is very cold natured. A full choke for the first 3 minutes, then about a 1/4 for another 7 minutes, and she's good to go. Anything less time wise, and she'll sputter a bit at take off.

Otherwise, a great bike for the money. Though of course not a long distance runner. Make sure to look for a seat replacement and a windshield once purchased, you'll be glad you did.

Live long, ride hard, and never look back.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2005

4th Dec 2005, 14:10

Just a note: I have a 2004 1400 Intruder and had the same problem with the chrome on the exhaust headers and tail pipes. After some foot dragging by the factory, they finally replaced everything.

27th Dec 2005, 04:19

I bought my 2005 S50 in September of 2004. I now have 11,250 miles on it. It has never failed me yet.

It is still completely stock.

I rode it back and forth from East Texas to South Carolina last summer. A trip of roughly a thousand miles each way. One of the front signal lights burned out, and that was all that went wrong.

The bike has more power than I will ever use. It gets good gas mileage, and burns no oil between changes.

The clutch is still solid as a rock, with no slip.

I still have the original tires on this bike too. Although the rear tire is getting worn now. I will have to replace it this coming summer.

Other than that first trip, I have used the bike mainly around town, and for 60 to 100 mile jaunts on the weekend. I hope to keep this bike from now on. I am completely satisfied with it.

Being 60 years old myself, I remember when 800ccs was considered to be a monster of a bike. So this bike is plenty big for my 5'8'' frame.

The perfect motorcycle for what I want a bike for.


2005 Suzuki Boulevard S50 from United States of America


A very good bargain for the price


Nothing has gone wrong at this time.

While the front brakes were efficient, they did squeak loudly due to the high metal content in the pads till I applied brake lubricant. The stopping distance increased slightly, but the reduction in noise was worth it.

General Comments:

This bike looks good and rides even better. While the roots of this bike can easily be recognized as the 800 Intruder, there have been enough changes made to this model to give it the appeal of a custom ride, and to warranty the name change.

I am 5' 6" and 160 lbs, and the low 27" seat position allow me to place both feet squarely on the pavement, which combined with the manageable 400 odd pound weight, makes stopping, starting, and maneuvering in a parking stall very easy.

While the one piece seat the bike came with looked nice, it was too hard for my liking, and I replaced it fairly quickly with a gel seat.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2005

16th Oct 2006, 09:24

Can you tell us where you found your gel seat for this bike? Was it a custom item, or stock from Suzuki?

My wife would like a little more comfort on the passenger seat portion, and I'm looking for options.

Also, looking for comments as to gas mileage. My 2005 S-50 is still getting the same 38 mpg as it did on its first tank -- after 2,000 miles. I'm hoping it will improve, but my hopes are fading fast.


2005 Suzuki Boulevard S50 from United States of America


Finest ride that I have owned


I have, in the first thousand miles, seen nothing go wrong.

General Comments:

For what I want, the motorcycle is totally acceptable.

The green flasher, inside the speedometer, indicating that the turn signal is still on, should be bright amber.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2005