2007 Suzuki Boulevard S50 from United States of America


Worth a little less than what I paid


Front brakes are noisy, the pads chirp when rolling and squeal upon application. I had to replace and reface at 4000 miles. I replaced with EBC and they also chirp when rolling, but the squealing no longer occurs.

This machine is a cold blooded beast, even when the weather is warm it must be choked for a long time before it will run smoothly. Once the engine is up to temp, it runs smoothly, but getting to operating temp is the problem.

In the winter the choke is on almost all the time when the temp is below 50F. When cold the idle speed wanders about.

The control cables from handle bars pop out of their clips and have rubbed off fender paint.

Spark plugs are a nightmare to replace; much care needed to avoid paint damage.

When new, the positive battery terminal was stripped and and fell off around 100 miles. Electric start only!

General Comments:

Handles very well and is easy to ride.

Too light for freeway riding or two up.

Decent mileage if used on longer rides. Short rides need choke and fuel economy suffers.

Fit and finish/high quality.

Seat/position more American than Asian/European.

Fuel capacity = butt comfort. Butt gets numb about the time the fuel needs refilling, during a long ride!

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Review Date: 11th June, 2010

22nd Jun 2016, 20:08

I agree re: front brake. Had to have it replaced because of noise during warranty. That didn't fix it. Pad is loose, sloppy, noisy and probably dangerous.

2007 Suzuki Boulevard S50 from United States of America


Great price comes with cheap parts

General Comments:

I own a 2007 S-50, which I bought new, and overall I am happy with the performance, but the quality of the parts SUCK.

There are a few issues that I have had with this machine, the first being squeaking front brakes, which started after 25 miles, and the dealer told me that you have to buy aftermarket pads to correct the problem, and it was not covered under warranty. The only way it would be covered was if they put new Suzuki pads on, and that they would just start squeaking again because it is a cheap pad.

Second, being 5 months after the warranty expired with only 3100 miles on it, the speedo cable broke.

Third is this machine only likes to run when it is fully warmed up at operating temp, it needs to be choked way too much, I know people have said it is because it is carburated, but I know that is not true. I have owned Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki machines in the past and have never had any problems with them.

This was my first Suzuki and it will be my LAST! After having this machine for less than a year and a half, I have already put over $250 into it replacing the defective parts.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2009

31st Jul 2009, 01:04

So this guy is all flustered about some squeaky pads and a broken speedo cable...

I guess you can never please everybody. I don't know how many bikes you had before, but my two previous Hondas (Sabre and Shadow) and a Kawasaki Vulcan all needed choked when cold.

I also worked as auto tech for longer than I can remember, so take it from me: any carbed engine needs to be choked when cold. Period.

And no, I do not work for Suzuki, neither do I own a Boulevard.

1st Sep 2009, 14:41

I also have been around engines most of my life, from autos to recreational vehicles, and what I mean about the the bike having to be choked way too much is that I will drive it 30 miles to a destination on a 80 degree day, stay there for about 20-30 minutes, and when I go to leave, I will have to choke the bike to get it to start! I don't believe that is normal, especially since the other bikers I am with and have carbs don't have to choke theirs! I know mechanical stuff breaks down, squeaky brakes I can deal with, but the speedo cable is another at 3400 miles!