2006 Suzuki Burgman 400 from Australia


Hard to beat on every level



General Comments:

Whilst I've only travelled approximately 1000 kms on my 400 Burgman, I couldn't imagine a more comfortable machine for daily commutes or a cruise into the country.

It has practically everything you could want for convenience - especially the massive storage under the seat and the lockable glovebox.

The power, acceleration, economy, wind protection and sheer fun makes a second car purchase out of the question.

Check the features list and you'll see why it's arguably the best buy on the market. The car-like dash has both analogue and digital read outs with large easy to read info. The hand brake is great, and enables you to rest your hands and feet at traffic lights etc.

What gives me a real buzz is when you get the eye of a cruiser or sports biker at lights. The smug, semi-friendly nod of acknowledgment is followed by a look of amazement as soon as the Burgman accelerates.

The engine has a throaty, raspy sort of growl. It is a unique sound and grows on you after time. Highway cruising is quiet, super comfortable and winding roads are handled with ease provided you keep reminding yourself you're not on a super high performance sports bike.

I'm 59 and recently got back into riding after 35 years off the saddle. The Burgman 400 is a great way to re-start. It is just an easy to ride machine, and encourages the rider to concentrate on the traffic and road conditions without having to worry about gear changes or foot brake pedal.

I bought mine from a dealer for $6000. It was a one owner with 6500kms on the clock. I've already had a couple of guys saying they'll give me $6000 for it if I was to sell. No chance. I may get another bike one day, but I'll keep the Burgman in the garage too. It will be interesting to see the rate of acceleration of the odometers between the leg through and the leg over species.

Forget all other lower capacity scooters. This is the way to go.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2010

2003 Suzuki Burgman 400 from United States of America


Best 400 cc commuter bike on the road!


Not the fault of the bike. California will not let me register this 400 Burgman. It is a 49 state only bike.

General Comments:

Excellent 400cc single automatic scooter. I have owned 20 bikes over 40 yrs of riding. This Burgman 400 is the best 400cc bike ever. Plenty fast on the freeway or zero to 40 mph!. Will go 75 mph easily.

Never overheats, wind screen is excellent. Can't say enough about this practical 400 cc bike. You could ride it LA to NY easily with no fear of breakdown.

Craig Wilson Los Angeles seat is bigger than a gold wing seat! Very comfortable. Under seat storage is huge. Will hold 2 gallons of milk plus food for 2. You can also bungee cord an elephant on the side handles of bike!

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Review Date: 16th January, 2009

2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 from United States of America


This machine is a flawless gem. I will buy another in a heartbeat


Bolt on end of handle grip fell off. Dealer charged me 18 dollars to put a little lock tight on it; still fell off and it's lost.

General Comments:

I'm a Honda man, but Honda doesn't make a 400, so they lost a sale, but I have no regrets at all.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2008

2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 from United States of America


Enjoyable to ride in the city, and on trips just awesome


Excellent; runs like a champ.

General Comments:

The Suzuki Burgman 400 has great style, but most impressive is it rides smooth and handles the roads easily.

I have driven the Burgman on a mix of highways and back roads, and only encountered problems in very windy conditions, or when around big trucks, like tractor trailers.

I have also encountered this same condition when riding an 850. Normal in my opinion.

The Burgman cruses country roads like it was born to do so. It takes the bumps and glides around corners and curves with ease.

When Suzuki designed this machine, they made the perfect mix of scooter and motorcycle.

At a recent scooter rally I tried many of the other super scoots. The Burgman had the most leg room, and was more comfortable.

The only draw back is after riding for several hours, the seat is a bit stiff.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention 57 - 61 mpg avg.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2008

24th Feb 2013, 05:15

I put a set of seat beads on my Burger, and it really helps on long rides. Wal-Mart, 7.90. Rode over 800 miles last year, no sore butt :-)

3rd Mar 2013, 03:46

JFYI I bought a bicycle trailer to pull behind my Burger 400. It weighs 22 1/2 lbs. Light, I know. 57 inches long, 27.6 wide, 19.2 in height. Repacked the bearing grease with high speed lube. The Burger has 2 triangle shaped metal pieces on both sides, at the rear of the scoot. This one on the left is how I hooked up the hitch. I did put lights on it. This will carry all my camping equipment, 9x10 tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, 2 burner propane cook stove, cook ware, small cooler, propane cylinder, blankets, pillow.

Was worried about the wheels, but I pulled it over 500 miles and at speeds up to 60-70 mph. It does not wobble, and you cannot tell it's behind you. These have no title, and they are small and no plates required. 95.00 with free shipping. I contacted the manufacturer and they do not recommend this for scooter use. I done a lot of research and seen many behind scooters, YouTube etc. I'm going on a long trip this spring, and it's going with me, a very nice trailer for 95.00. Check it out, here's the link: