2006 Suzuki Burgman 650 from United States of America


Best ride on the road!



General Comments:

This review includes my 2004 Burgman 650 and my 2006 Burgman 650 Executive.

These two bikes are identical in most respects. The only differences (other than minor trim differences) are that the Executive has Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), an electrically adjustable windshield (like power windows), mirrors that can be electrically retracted and the OEM passenger backrest is standard.

Having ridden my '04 for 60,102 miles and my (current) '06 Executive for over 66,000 miles, I feel uniquely qualified to give an opinion on this motorcycle.

This vehicle is great for around town driving, whether commuting or doing some minor shopping, and is equally at home on the highway (Interstates included).

The 55-liter trunk provides ample space for 2 full-face helmets or quite a lot of groceries (a case and a half of beer fits very nicely). The commuter that may have to stop by the grocer on the way home will appreciate that.

The braking is superb, as I found out a few years back on my ’04 Burgman. I was traveling from my home in Florida to see my older son in Denver, CO. As I was driving into Denver, in the rain, and looking for my turn, I looked up to see a pickup truck stopped right in front of me. I found that “pumping” the brakes (both on the handle bars) was very effective in avoiding a collision. This is also the event that made me realize that ABS would be very helpful on a motorcycle.

Although I stated “Nothing” in the “Things Gone Wrong” section, the front wheel bearings failed on my ’04 Burgman at 33,000 miles (this was covered by warranty), an event that I considered a “fluke”; and it was. The drive belt on my ’06 Executive failed at 62,910 miles. I don’t really consider that as something that went wrong; nothing lasts forever. The dealer will tell you that they don’t know how long the belt will last, but I know how long it will last. If you buy ANY bike with a van Doorne-type transmission (CVT), it would be prudent to consider having the belt replaced between 50K and 60K miles (80K and 100K kilometers). The down side of this is that the replacement will cost you about $1,200 US. If the belt breaks it could coast twice that because of collateral damage. (I was lucky!)

On my trips to Texas, Colorado and Washington state, I consistently get between 50 and 60 miles per gallon (sometimes over 62 mpg) ; you can count on 56 mpg. Keeping up with traffic at 70 to 90 mph doesn't even tax the capabilities of this bike; you feel the bike could keep going and going and going... Around town I have been getting about 54 mpg. I should mention that I do NOT live in a major metropolitan area so there is not a lot of “stop and go” driving. If you live in a large city you can expect mileage in the 48-mpg range (unless you shut down the engine at those long stoplights).

I do most of the minor maintenance myself (oil changes, etc.) and leave the bigger stuff to the professionals. Even with labor at $75.00 per hour, my transportation costs are very low.

On a long trip this bike really shines. The seats are very comfortable and the trunk space is ample for one rider and adequate for two.

The windshield issue mentioned by others (regarding the Burgman 650) has been solved with the Executive’s adjustable windshield.

I love this ride!!

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Review Date: 20th August, 2008

5th Jul 2010, 09:14

Since I wrote this review, I got married and found that the Burgman 650 Executive is just a little short on storage space for myself and my wife (some of you know how women like to pack) so I traded up to a new Can-Am Spyder RT-S. I made the trade on 01 March 2010 with 108,198 miles on the Burgman and it still ran like new. Anyone who wants a bike that handles extremely well, keeps up in traffic (even at Interstate speeds) and is a very comfortable and reliable ride, they could not do better than the Burgman 650. Unless they need more than 55 liters of trunk space.

28th Aug 2010, 04:00

I own a 09 Yamaha TMAX, and I ride with a group of people that own the Suzuki Burgman's. On a straight, long highway they are faster, but when we hit the twisty back roads, they can't keep up with my TMAX. They make excuses that I am a more daring and experienced rider, I have no fear of scraping my knees on the tight curves, but the truth is the TMAX is a 10 times better handling and well balanced scooter than the Burgman.

I have been riding crotch rockets for a long time, but I never seen any better tight curve handling bike than the TMAX.

The Suzuki Burgman is a great scooter, but it's outdated and old fashioned, and not well balanced, over priced. Suzuki needs to go back and redesign it.

2006 Suzuki Burgman 650 from United States of America


No problems to this point.

General Comments:

I purchased the Burgman 650 after taking a long trip on the Yamaha 400. The Majesty, while a good all-around ride, was a little lacking in "cruisability", i.e., it was a bit hesitant at highway passing speeds and hill climbing. It also was a little slow out of the hole. I wanted something that had a little more power reserve.

I bought the Burgman 650 last August, and this one does the trick. Highway cruising is effortless - I can go 75 mph all day if I want. It's not quite as nimble as the Yahama, but it more than makes up for it for it in power and ride comfort. The suspension seems a lot smoother than the Yamaha as well.

It has a fair amount of engine braking effect, which takes a little getting used to. However, this can actually be an advantage in cornering and braking.

I find the seat comfortable enough, but the windscreen leaves something to be desired. You get some turbulence right around the helmet level. Unfortunately, the only after market replacement I've seen is too big for my liking.

Overall I'm very happy with my scooter and have received many compliments on it.



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Review Date: 10th August, 2007

17th Aug 2007, 13:09

All the top brand scooters can get new bigger windshields from Cee Bailey aviation. I got one for my BMW and it's great. I am getting one for my Suzuki 650 ($170). Hope this helps a lot of people.

18th Aug 2007, 07:06

I bought my Burgman 650 back in May. It's now August and I have 5,700 miles on it.

I've taken 2 tours. One shorter one from Pueblo, Co to Albuquerque. And I just got back from a tour from Pueblo to Yellowstone, up to Montana, down through Idaho and Utah and back to Pueblo.

The 650 is a great scooter for touring. It handles well in the mountains and you don't even notice altitudes over 11,000 feet or 7% uphill grades. The power is exceptional.

It just takes off from other bikes at a stop, even much bigger displacement bikes.

On the interstate it cruises easily at 75 mph and would easily go faster, except I don't.

I've never seen another scooter out touring. People don't know what they are missing. 60 mph, great power, comfort.

The only complaint people seem to have is about the windscreen. I suspect this is by newer riders. After awhile, you don't even notice the wind. Or perhaps it's by those who don't wear full face helmets.

I also like the visibility of the big white scooter. People seem to see it real easily.

29th Apr 2009, 14:27

I've been riding various bikes for over 40 years. From dirt bike to Gold Wings. Once I reached 50 plus I wanted something smaller, but not slow and under powered. I'm now 56 and on my second 650 Burgman (sold the first to my brother while visiting in Florida) who also was getting tired of shifting.

I often ride with other people and let them try it out. To a person they can't believe this bike. Three of them have gotten on and love them. Two up riding no problem, power no problem, great gas mileage of 45-55, depending how it's ridden.

The transmission choices are really cool, and when you do miss shifting or want to cruise on the highway, the manual with the overdrive feature will let you cruise with any other bike out there.

Storage space is great, and I've done 350-400 mile day trips, no problem.

Lastly, I've also embarrassed several stock Harley drivers at the stop light, if you know what I mean. If you can drive one you'll be impressed... unless you really like noise, shifting a lot, and no storage features without spending more on accessories. Windshield isn't an issue with a helmet with a half shield or more, and I'm tall at 6'3".

2006 Suzuki Burgman 650 from United States of America


Cavalcade scooter



General Comments:

Seat tends to push you forward. I removed the backrest and installed a large sheepskin. This made the seat usable for me and the wife. Looking for a new seat.

Fuel economy meter is a joke. It only goes to 50mpg. I have never gotten under 55mpg.

Wife and I have taken 250 mile day trips with no problems other than the seat.

I replaced the windshield with a taller and wider one.

Love the transmission, I tell people that it is always in the right gear. We ride in West Virginia mountains most of the time.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2007

2006 Suzuki Burgman 650 from United States of America


The best luxury scooter you buy


Nothing has gone wrong - it runs and rides great.

General Comments:

This bike is like a Lexus of scooters. It rides and handles like a dream. No other bike feels like the Burgman 650.

The only thing that needs improvement is the wind screen needs to be taller for more wind protection, but thank god for aftermarket parts which fixed that problem.

If you're looking for an easy comfortable 2 wheeler with the power you need, this is the bike you want.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2006

8th Mar 2009, 01:08

Strange, no specifics on cost of operation that's given a 1 pointer.