1990 Suzuki GS450E from South Africa


I like this bike, and look forward to the day I am able to undertake an extended journey with it


The fuel tank float ceased to indicate the fuel level. The dealer attempted to repair it, but unfortunately was not able to. This occurred at approximately 82 000km.

General Comments:

I find this to be an extremely comfortable bike to ride.

The braking leaves much to be desired.

The engine sounds smooth and the sound from the exhausts is a healthy roar.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2006

1981 Suzuki GS450E from United States of America


Amazingly good performance for next to no cost


It needed a new battery.

The switch that won't allow you to start the bike without having the clutch in, broke when I dropped the bike. I bypassed it.

General Comments:

This is my first bike and it's fantastic.

I bought the bike on a whim for 350 dollars. It had not been running for a year, but the owner promised me he would get it running and deliver it, so I bought it.

Nothing major is wrong with it. It looks like it\'s only a few years old, not 25. The paint sparkles like new, it's got great pickup, goes faster than I need it to, and has no maintenance cost. Plus, there is a fantastic online community of GS owners at www.thegsresources.com.

When I first got the bike I wished that it was the cruiser model, but it was the sport model. However, I put some cafe-raceresque bars on it, and now it looks great.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2005

20th Feb 2007, 16:08

I had the cafe racer version called the Suzuki 450S. At the time it was the fastest 450 around. But I loved to sight-see with mine.

Changed the sprockets to gear down the engine 15% & the mileage went up 10% to a high of 75MPG. The range for a tank of gas also went up 10%. It was sweet not to have to look for a gas station for 250 miles with just a 3.7gallon tank. Vibrations went down & long distance travel was super.

Went on an autumn 8000 mile ride east to the Great Lakes, south to Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona, north thru the Rocky Mountains (a trace of snow!), & back home to Washington State. When I first left Washington State, I started 3 days behind an east moving rainstorm. Followed the storm across the country to Nebraska where it rained itself out. Went thru three different presentations of fall colors in various parts of the trip (absolutely spectacular). Used only 120 gallons of gas. Had the best time of my life.

Once had the 450 up to 110MPH & accelerating. Think gearing up the bike gave the bike a faster top speed, but I had to decelerate because of the turn ahead of me. What scared me the most was that I wasn't scared. I knew I was in trouble then. But I never ventured up to the triple digits ever again. Probably my best decision ever.

10th Feb 2008, 03:06

Yep, 1982 Suzuki GS450L 10,000mi.. I was desperate for a bike, but also I was poor. So, $365 and a trip 50 miles away and I had a 25 year old motorcycle.

I've heard of the GS's extremely reliable engine. Threw in a Wally mart battery and she started after supposedly 2 years of sitting out on someone's porch of Pittsburgh. However, she would idle fine, but any attempt to throttle and she'd die.

Looked into buying the diaphragms (x2) at a very high price. But it boiled down to basic maintenance. It turned out that both overflow tubes for the carbs were clogged with bee mud. So after 2 years sitting, 1 battery, no cleaning (tank or carbs), clean 2 tubes and she runs absolutely fine.

Also changed shims, hard to find sizes, but easy to install even though I am not a mechanic.

A plus was the 1-6 gear indicator which was a welcome surprise. But mine desperately needs a paint job. She's some sort of shade of red right now.

27th Feb 2010, 18:17

1980 GS 450l Bought the bike for 200.00 off a girl who had dumped it in her driveway. She just wanted it out of her yard.

Cleaned the carbs, changed the oil, put on tires and now it's been six years. It handles great and makes a great commuter bike.

My last bike was a full dress Goldwing,talk about downsizing! I bought a quicksilver fairing, and willie and max bags for it this winter, and plan on keeping it for a few more years.

Plenty of parts on ebay, and dealerships still stock carb parts and shims, so I think I'm all set. Bike only has 12000 miles.

28th Apr 2019, 01:06

Life's too short to ride an L.

19th Jul 2022, 11:37

What's wrong with an L dude?