19th Apr 2013, 19:39

Well, I am back. I have been riding my GS550L for over a month now and I am satisfied with my purchase. I did notice some fuel leaking from the carb, but after checking over it and tightening a fuel line, no more leaks. The bike is running like a champ!

I am a newbie, but I am glad I bought a used bike rather than a new bike. Happy riding.


30th Apr 2013, 15:12

I am also a beginner, I bought an 83 GS550L and I love it for the most part. Although I believe it was used to ride wheelies.

First problem - leaked oil from sitting for a few years. Replaced the gaskets and the O-ring around the starter motor, and it ran fine with no oil leaks after that.

Second problem - Battery was shot when I bought it, so I bought a new one for $42, and it is great.

Finally got to take it on my first ride, and I got soaked in gas... Had the carburetors cleaned and it seemed to be doing great.

I filled up on gasoline and found that it was pouring gas into my cylinders, filling them with gas... still working on this bike. It's in great shape for its age, but it has cost me a lot of money to get it up and running. Now I hope it will at least hold together for the summer (without 2nd gear).

When I shift into 2nd, it revs and grinds a little, then shifts right into neutral, so I just skip 2nd altogether. But I think I will need 2nd for my road test. :(

Wish me luck with my oldie...

12th Jun 2013, 21:48

I bought a GS550L from my mechanic last year. Prior to my ownership, it had a second gear issue that resulted in a worn gear. It was a pretty a in depth repair, but other than that, I haven't had any problems with the bike, although I haven't ridden it this year yet, because I rebuilt the front end with parts from an 85 and 86 GS550L, so I could have a bigger front wheel and custom bars, but it feels a lot more comfortable, and is just getting the finishing touches now.

16th Oct 2018, 07:04

I am just starting that process; any suggestions? I am having the same carb issues. What did you do to fix it?